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  2. Probably not gonna make it for the season this week so start without me im going to something at 1:40 pm If anyone stays back i might hop on to say hi Enjoy theos campaign (i think thats the campaign this week)
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  4. I'm a masters student, I think I've paid for my permit. Honestly a lot of what I spoke about in that spoiler tag is highly hypothetical. Also, I'll admit a lot of the stuff is based on quite simple models and I certainly wouldn't cite it as straight up fact (I did make a point of saying it was hypothetical, maybe I should have stressed it harder in retrospect). The flipping of Space and Time is just an extension of the concept of light cones. Maybe I'm pushing things a bit far, but in fairness I did also explain the limitations related to black hole time travel (IE: why it doesn't actually work).
  5. Yeah, you have to buy your permit first, Outer! >:c That being said, most of what you said is true, but the space-time distortion and switching time and space thing is highly hypothetical, and I insist on the highly. No proofs of that exist, and even more, I've not seen any bit of actual science going that way. Only in science-fiction things do these statements won't make any serious scientist laugh at you, I warn you. But yeah space-time itself is a whole, so that's pretty cool.
  6. Hang on, I thought only Plew or Snap possessed permits for that kind of thing.
  7. Warning: Long Physics explaination ahead Viewer Discretion is advised... That said it is some smashing Physics
  8. Because the concept of time as we understand it is a human construct. While there is an unerring force present, that force is not time as we know it, rather the passing of time itself. As the human brain is comprehending this and then applying the notion of time as we have learnt it, such as minutes and seconds, time itself becomes a relative vector, despite a uniform amount of time having passed
  9. Alright Jaden Smith tone it down a little
  10. I didn't know that actually. That's pretty interesting
  11. Do you know ,if 2 people are running in a race and one is quicker than the other, then the quickest out of the two experiences time slower than the other one. 😏
  12. Probably because time can be ignored by the brain or become less important to it when the brain starts to focus on other things when the brain is unfocused however it becomes more aware of little factors like time
  13. Let's ask our selfs this metaphorical question, why do different people experience time at different lengths mentally?
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  15. Will either be late, or have to drop out of the session for a little while. Start without me.
  16. Update to post, please read.
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    Event for the Rainbow Six: Siege Night, link to forum post can be found here.
  19. UPDATE: The update for this game is a patch of size 26 GB for non-ultra HD texturepack users and a 40 GB update for those with the high-res texturepack. The update is this large due to texture reworkings on the Kafe map and operator textures along with completely new lighting changes. Due to it's humongous size it's safe to say today's game night will not take place, it will be delayed to Wednesday or the weekend if Wednesday doesn't work out. There is a bug going around right now where you pay have to download the same 26-40 GB patch multiple times. A fix for this is to untick "automatically enable game updates" in Uplay. I think this may fix it for Steam as well as Steam most likely has to download it through Uplay. Rainbow six siege is a pretty fun game, and has an update with 3 new operators and a new map releasing this coming Tuesday. I thought it'd be a nice idea to round up some folk and try out the new stuff, the operators will cost you sadly enough, but the map is free to play. Video of the map: If there's more than 5 people who end up joining then we can do custom games where we fight eachother as Attack vs. Defense instead of just us vs. the AI. Hoping to see some people for this, it's a really fun game to play with friends, although last I saw some hatters play it was quite early this year. Stay snazzy folks, hope to see you around.
  20. Thanks for the competition tant
  21. Congrats on you 3 winning! Your prizes have been handed out.
  22. So uh, something just happened It totally didn't scare me when it happened maybe
  23. Quick update for you all, the first/second/third places have had their prizes all raised by 100! Also, the contest thingy ends in 2 days so you better get fishing if you want to win!
  24. Flash_Portal: "I demand you give me my gold back" Lord_Critic (Tim): "I demand you kiss my ass"
  25. lets get a game on! 7PM CEDT Central Europe Dayligt savings Time)
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