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  2. Cheers guys, had a fantastic evening with a mix of try-harding and bouncy carefree-ness.
  3. I think this is the right place to brag...
  4. Last week
  5. You can get mooshrooms from crates, the only reason there is a llama shop is because it was not possible to add them to crates.
  6. Personally, and this is a very personal thing. I just saw a lot of things being built then cast aside. There were many different incarnations of the hat server. The one common thread was it's inevitable destruction. There only a certain number of times you can ask people to rebuild a world before they start getting pangs of futility. I think the loss of my last monastery caused me to throw in the towel. Which was fine as I now grace the infinitely perpetual "Idle World" as the Custodian of Portals. I occasionally visit hat but only to rough it in the wild out doors. I wouldn't build anything there any more. Pity really.
  7. Thank you for the info! Now the other 2 can get it too!
  8. Wow, I forgot all about that, Good times. Im pretty sure ive got the map file somewhere...
  9. I found this old video I made honestly I'm not sure why I made it or what it was for. Regardless it is from before I was ever made a moderator which means OLD. Nothing Special video wise, in fact a little sub par, but special in how old it is at least.
  10. I know effectively everybody already owns the game, but if you download it within the next day on Steam you keep it forever. Might as well grab it if you are one of the 3 people that don't have it
  11. Anything from the previous server that wasn't added is gone unfortunately.
  12. Is it possible to add in some previous maps that were on the last server to the rotation? Because there were ones made on the previous server that never got added to the rotation.
  13. Was a lot of fun and thanks to everyone who made it. For the next tournament I would be interested in seeing some new maps added to the rotation. If anyone would like to have a go at making a map feel free to do so in the creative world. All maps must be as good as or better than the current maps both visually and in game play. If anyone manages to do this before the next tournament, reply to this topic and staff can check it out and possibly add it! MARBLES MUST BE STOPPED!
  14. Thanks guys for a fantastic evening and GG to Captain_Marbles for winning the 'Round Wins' section with 8/9 wins! The final scores are added up and shown here; (Format is #roundwins//#kills) Pener: 6//7 Marbles: 8//2 Yogi: 7//0 Bex: 5//1 Nikki: 6//5 Rob: 5//0 Fling: 6//9 Clari: 3//3 Lady: 3//2 Zeemo: 4//1 Kek; 2//1 Charliek: 3//2 Emily: 4//2 Tiangchou: 1//7 Demo: 1//4 Please let me know if there was anything that you loved or didn't like about the tournament or if you have any suggestions for the future. I am looking to hold another tournament in two weeks time on the 8th April at 20:00 GMT again. Thanks o/
  15. No Mushroom Biomes generated on this map so no Mooshroom's spawn. Would be great to have a Mooshroom shop next to the Llama shop.
  16. Just a reminder, the tournament will start in about 40 minutes at 20:00 GMT - see you chaps there o/
  17. Thanks chaps had a great time even though I am a really bad traitor... Look forward to next week, we can fit more than 10 people in that server next time!
  18. Sounds like fun. If Marbles is playing I think we should all target him. Just because...
  19. Earlier
  20. I could make it! ya'll are going down!
  21. I like this idea quite a bit, even if I'll miss an hour or 2 of it
  22. I'm currently quite busy with my course ATM, though that will be coming to an end soon, so if I can't do this week, I almost certainly will be able to do next week.
  23. Ooh I like this idea, if I'm around I'm in
  24. I wasn't trying to go anywhere with that, I was just bored in Art.
  25. Trouble in Terrorist Town Night Location: Hatventures TTT Server Date and Time: Every Thursdays 20:00 GMT The Hatventures Trouble in Terrorist Town server often experiences long periods of silence before exploding in activity every so often. A favourite of the community for a very long time, I think it could use some more regular Hatter lovin’. If you’ve never played TTT before, it’s played on Garry’s Mod, with some of the maps needing Counter Strike: Source and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Everyone is a terrorist, but there are traitors in their midst that aim to kill all the innocent and the innocent aim to remove the traitors. No one knows who is which but with the help of the detective maybe the innocent will survive. Or perhaps the traitors will be sneaky and convincing enough to take the rest of the players out. Thursday Night from 20:00 GMT I will be jumping on the TTT server and the TTT TS channel - recommended, microphone not required. I hope many of you will join me for some shenanigans and shrieking. Assuming all goes well, I’m looking to make this a weekly/fortnightly event, so even if you can’t make the first one you can jump right in next time. Please reply below if you’re interested, it would be really appreciated, and I’ll see you chaps on Thursday! o/
  26. Sounds like home, during spring, after winter...
  27. Overwatch Arcade Catch-Up Location: Overwatch Servers - Hatventures TS Date and Time: Every Tuesday 20:00 GMT I know there is a notable proportion of the Hatventures Community who own Overwatch and love playing together. I’ve found that playing with friends greatly increases my chances of winning (thanks for carrying me to platinum by the way chaps) but I sometimes find myself barely scratching enough arcade wins late Tuesday night in order to win the weekly loot box. To those who haven’t played Overwatch, it is a team based FPS in which you play as one of 24 heroes with unique attributes that work together to secure control points and/or escort payloads. It’s a pretty light and bouncy game that can be great casual fun or incredibly rewarding its competitive aspects. I don’t know if other people experience the same thing with the arcade loot boxes but this should be fun anyway – this Tuesday starting at 20:00 GMT will be the first Hatventures Overwatch Arcade Catch-Up event, repeating each Tuesday, TS is recommended, microphone not required. No longer will Hatters struggle to win their weekly loot box as help is on the way! In the event that a 7th person (or more) turns up then we will split into two groups, no Hatter left behind please. Please reply below if you’re interested and I look forward to seeing you there! o/
  28. From memory, we were 2 days in to the 40 day trip when we celebrated the feast of the moon(faerunian equivalent of Halloween.), which takes place on uktar 30 1489 DR, this means we arrived in water deep on hammer 8 1490DR. It then took the party 8 days to reach the camp(Hammer 16) I'm then guessing we spent 2 days at the camp, based on inference and the description of events. So far we've spent 2 day getting close to the castle and I think we're waiting a day before assaulting it. This puts us at hammer 20, 10 days before midwinter(equivalent to the winter solstice.) So we are in the coldest part of the year, in wetlands that are roughly equivalent to the Hudson Bay Wetlands. Putting the water temperature at just above 1 degree celsius.
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