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  2. Bosses

    Bosses are quite rare. We can adjust the spawn rates if they feel too rare though
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  4. D&D Game Players wanted

    Hi all, I've spent the past 5 days as nothing more than a glorified, cognitive zombie due to sleep issues, caused by a lot of other issue, mostly temperature related ones. Just a heads up so people have time to prepare. I'll still be coming this week, just likely to be more... of an idiot I guess is a good way to put it. Cya soon, -Alex
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  6. Bosses

    Hi, been playing on the server for a while now and in the last two months I have only come across 1 boss. I was wondering what affects their spawn rate? Is it always really low or does it depend on anything else? thanks Mhardman
  7. D&D Game Players wanted

    Hey i would actually like to have a vote I'm completely fine with not doing my campaign and just continuing bloods. I myself am injoying bloods campaign and honestly its reached a point (for me at least) that skipping a week would leave me gittish as some cool mysterys arnt being solved Im going out on a limb and saying the rest of you might feel that way hense why im asking for a vote. Vote one would you rather not play the curse of strahd Vote two do you want to play it Vote three do you want to play it but at another time Vote four do you want to play it but after bloods campign
  8. Minecraft server down

    Sorry about the downtime. I was away from my computer and had a flight to catch. Shouldn't be too much of a problem now or in the future. If it is, just harass staff until its fixed
  9. Minecraft server down

    Apologies for the delay, looks like we're back up and running now!
  10. Minecraft server down

    Pener must sleep alot, from my end it's been down atleast 14 hours (I checked around 5 pm yesterday, now 7am, sweden) I understand if there are issues and absolutely don´t mean to complain, just miss playing ^^
  11. Minecraft server down

    I expect many crates as compensation.
  12. Minecraft server down

    We're very sorry for the downtime! We'll get the server back up as soon as Penerbang wakes up...
  13. Minecraft server down

    Just (Re???)joining the forum to state that it's been down since approx 2 am EST today (Feb 13).
  14. Minecraft server down

    The server if offline. (Feb 13th) Do we know for how long?
  15. SCP : Secret Laboratory

    God Damn Tort. I’m telling ninja
  16. Rust 2018 V0.1 BETA

    Changelog Known Issues
  17. Rust 2018 V0.1 BETA

    As of the 9th February 2018, Rust is out of Early Access! To celebrate and to check out all the lovely new features, we will be starting up the Rust server again, fresh for 2018! As always, the first iteration will be a sort of Beta testing, and as such we will be running this server version with a whitelist. How to join? The server is live! But to get on you will need to be whitelisted. Please add your STEAM64 ID here, or direct message me on Discord or Steam. Your STEAM64 ID looks something like this '76561198067168481'. I need it to add you to the whitelist! Once you're on the whitelist you can join the server. You can search 'The Rusty Hatter' in game or use the 'Click to Connect' on our website to join. What is Beta? Well usually it's pretty much just playing the game and seeing how it feels to play and providing feedback. We will be considering changes to gathering items, decay time, and things along these lines so please if it feels bad, let us know! Preferably let us know in this thread! But obviously discussions can happen elsewhere, and I am happy to take direct messages. What plugins are installed? - A bunch of administrative and moderating mods for your protecting and to combat hacking - BetterChat - DeathNotes - Gather Manager - FancyDrop - Item Skin Randomizer - A few others that add customisation options for admin stuff Yes, I am open to plugin suggestions too! Please leave them here, or message me with all your links. Currently, a lot of the customisation and plugins are set to default values. This means we can play around with crafting time, decay rate and drop numbers as we feel. Obviously gimme all your feedback in this regard so we can get it right for our community. When the Beta is all done (date to be confirmed), we will remove the whitelist and have an open server for all to join. Obviously the same sort of community rules will apply, so an open server does not mean a bad experience. However remember the nature of Rust includes some PvP, some raiding along with all the teamwork and fun times that we are set to have. Any questions, leave them below! All feedback, leave down there as well! Got some screenshots? We have a thread of Rust screenshots! Thanks everyone, see you in the game! xx
  18. D&D Game Players wanted

    Any of ypu guys jumping on today?
  19. SCP : Secret Laboratory

    Hmm lets see here Pros: Get to play a game with lone Game about monstery things in the dark I saw the word "Betrayal" Cons: Have to play a game with Lone Monstery things in the dark spook Torts Betrayal makes Torts sad Definitely want to, that said I'm going to be busy until at least the 17th (of this month(feb)) but if this is still going on after that count me in.
  20. Hatventures Community Moving Into 2018

    As long as people are involved I'm in. I am pretty sure I still have that giant ice-boat racing track on my plot in creative and doing fun lil stuff like that is always fun. I hardly use TS but that's mostly my own fault, but definitely any games we can all play together and chat are my fave.
  21. SCP : Secret Laboratory

    This sounds awesome, I will probably be horrible at it but I am so down to play!!
  22. SCP : Secret Laboratory

    After playing it with you, I'm hooked. I'm happy to play anytime.
  23. SCP : Secret Laboratory

    I'll probably be playing tonight with my other group.
  24. SCP : Secret Laboratory

    Oh man am all about that free shit - I am free most evenings on weekdays although not tomorrow 31st.
  25. SCP : Secret Laboratory

    DING DONG FRESH JUICY FORUM CONTENT Who's down for some games of SCP? Great fun for groups of between 5 and 16, several classes and use of in-game voice chat fosters a real attitude of teamwork, betrayal or bone-chilling fear (the game ain't that scary don't worry). Best of all, It's free! -Pros - Fun varied gameplay It's free - (try it, if you don't like it there's no loss) It's a small download You build a little story every round -Cons- it can get pretty spooky *the game isn't scary per se, partially due to the dodgy animation, but occasionally you can round a corner and there's SOMETHING there, spooky. Agree a time and date and I'm happy to host the server on my pc. For new players, I'll run down the different classes and their objectives, everything else you can figure out yourselves. (reading the SCP wiki gives you a good idea of the setting if you want to get really into it)
  26. Suggestion: Llamas

    Pics or it didn't happen
  27. Suggestion: Llamas

    I found the legendary llama mountain It's in the top right corner of the map (ish) not far from my home. I'm now the proud mama of 4 llamas.
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