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    Good Day All! There has been some recent interest in the history of our community and the Minecraft server itself. Well, some of our oldest members are still active (myself included!) and have put together a server history for everyone to enjoy! Forsaken Lands (HatV1): March to September 2011 The first server! Chris Trott (Trottimus), Alex Smith (Alsmiffy) and Ross Hornby (djh3max) were three youtubers who gained popularity with a Minecraft series called ‘Forsaken Lands’. They put up the server they played on for their small community of fans to play on themselves! A Teamspeak server was also put up for community members to hang out and talk to each other! The spawn was Little Hattington, a small, walled city which contained the houses of the server staff members at the time. An important feature of the spawn town was the Hat Fountain, a staple that stayed with the server to this day. Upon first entering the server, you were given the basic rules and a tutorial on some of the server plugins made by JackV96. To give you an idea of the size of the server, the number of players online was capped at 20! As the community grew, it became a bit of a challenge to get a spot on the server sometimes! The final size of the server was only 1.3 GB! One special command on this server was '/warp death' in which one would be teleported to a room and instantly killed! This would be on many servers to follow. Notable Builds: The Portal Port: One feature of this server was a ‘port’ which contains portals to all the different player’s builds. A player could build a boat, airship, portal or other mode of transportation into their build and it would be copied into the Portal Port so that anybody could go to each other’s build even if they weren’t online! Monstamart: Lustymcgloover’s shopping center was the economic and social hub of server. Player’s could pay him to put up their wares and they would be sure to sell. As the community was ‘innocent’ and small, griefing was yet to become a concern. This is why the greatest scandal to occur on the server was the stealing of the sticky pistons which were the Monstamart doors. Hatventures did a couple server tours which can be found here as well as here and here! In September of that year, the server was shut down with the promise of a brand-new server coming soon, with a new spawn: Greater Hattington. There was no given date of release. Temp 1: December 2011 For several months, there was no server, and many of the original Hatters left the community never to return. However, without warning, a new server was put up in December to everyone's delight! This server was hosted by DimensionZ75, who would host many of the servers to come. This was a crazy one! No spawn town, just build whatever, practically wherever! It was where anything could happen, and it usually did! As one can tell by the name, this server was only temporary, a means to begin testing plugins for a proper server yet to come. It was not only temporary, but short-lived, ending up at only 90 MB! One important note; Temp 1 was the first in a continuous series of servers that has yet to end. This means there was no 'player-bleeding' from having no server and is why you'll find that many of the Hatters who have been around longest started on one of the Temp servers! Temp 2: December 2011 to January 2012 When the first temp server became very crowded, especially near the spawn point, and the server population began to grow significantly (Hat Films was getting more popular), the server needed to be reset, and why not?! This server was just as crazy as the last, but had a theme. This server had the very first Hatmas, and holiday decorations and snow were everywhere! This server took us into the new year until it was time again for another reset. Temp 3: January 2012 to February 2012 The community was growing, Hatters were staying, Hatters were coming back, the server was gaining some serious popularity! This was the largest temporary server at 800 MB, nearly 9 times the size of the first temp server! Everyone was getting excited as it was announced that a new, more permanent server was coming! Debug: February 2012 This was the final of the temporary servers and is named 'Debug' as it was used to make sure all the plugins planned for the proper server were relatively bug-free (that is to say, the bugs would not make the game unplayable). For instance, the 'lands' plugin was introduced on this server and would be used on many servers to come. This was the shortest-lived server as something big was about to be released... Kingdoms (HatV2): February 2012 to January 2013 It was here! The promise of Greater Hattington was not only fulfilled but exceeded! A massive server was released to an eager and excited community! The spawn? A massive stone town, called Hattington, full of huge and exciting builds like statues, a clock tower and a train station! This station had trains which would take you to the three eponymous kingdoms. These were themed (Oriental, Nordic and Arabian), could be built around, and had quests for players to complete! Upon joining the server, the tutorial was a set of islands arranged in a spiral containing a set of questions that, upon completion, would place you in Hattington from where you could go anywhere on the largest server the community has ever had. To give you an idea of how massive this server was, the player cap was now 250 and the server ended at a whopping 7.5 GB! Notable Builds: EVERYTHING! From the glorious spawn, to the three beautiful kingdoms, to the incredible and ambitious community towns that dotted the map! A Team Fortress 2 server was also put up for the community to play on, this was the first time an official community server was hosted that was not for Minecraft. Creative: Ongoing! The server contained a lobby which players could enter if the server was down. This lobby gave access to other servers such as the creative server! A place where players could buy plots of land and build whatever they wanted! This would be a mainstay of the server which continues today! Games: Also accessible from the lobby were several Minecraft minigames including spleef, survival games, skyblock and tnt run! This would be included in many server iterations to come! Feed the Beast (Hatpack FTB): Another server put up was a heavily-modded Feed The Beast Minecraft server which had a set of mods called 'Hatpack'. HatV3: January 2013 to June 2013 After many, many months, interest in the kingdoms server was decreasing and it was felt that, because the server was so large, the sense of community was being lost. A new, significantly simpler, server was created with the goal of being more community-oriented. The spawn (called Hattington once more) returned to consisting of staff houses and the centre of town contained 'Mount Hatmore', a mountain in the style of Mount Rushmore with the faces of Trottimus, Alsmiffy and djh3max. As this iteration was a quick and easy way to simplify the server, it was short lived until a proper replacement for kingdoms could be created. Notable builds: Zuhpanda's Murder Dungeon: Through a secret entrance at his house in spawn, one could enter a secret dungeon to be challenged, insulted and, most likely, killed by a special dungeon that would come back bigger and better on the next server. ZOL: A Special Event Server! A very special kind of community event began here, the Zombie Overlord. This was a very special event in which the evil Zombie Overlord attempted to destroy a crystal whose defence was led by the hatters themselves. After a successful defence, the Hatters launched an assault on the Overlord's keep and defeated him! ZOL, The Overlord's Return: June 29th, 2013 To celebrate the ending of HatV3 and the beginning of HatV4 another event server was created. Once more, the hatters defended against the Zombie Overlord, who had only come back stronger! This event was VERY popular. So popular, in fact, that the number of people logged in by its end resulted in the server crashing and the files being corrupted. HatV4: June 2013 to November 2015 The longest running server, HatV4's spawn was a giant hat-shaped island called Hattington. The spawn town was full of buildings for NPCs to give daily quests or sell items. Popular NPCs included the Fishmonger (fishing became very popular on this iteration), Trustworthy (who kicked you into a pit if you walked near him), and NPCs who would give announcements to the whole server or would wish someone happy birthday, change day to night, and set off fireworks (for a price)! An interesting feature, the map was divided into four cardinal directions; and each developed a port. West and North also developed large markets. South was in a desert so was smaller. East had a style all its own and was called Hatscalon. Horses were introduced to Minecraft during this server's run, but as much of the map had been discovered, the resources were not available. Therefore, the old west town of Hatter's Bluff was created to fulfil all your horse needs! Similar to kingdoms, this iteration contained a hub with portals to Survival, Creative, One-In-The-Chamber, TNTrun, Survival Games, prophunt and more! TF2 (mainly MvM) servers were also popular away from the core Minecraft server. As this server lasted for so long, there were two different tutorials. The first tutorial was made entirely of wool and was guided by several animal NPCs from the Filfy Animals series. The second tutorial was Hollywood themed and was called Hatwood Film Studios. Notable builds: xplio's Treehouse: (apparently) The Sea Monster: A large, difficult jumping puzzle which was the older brother of 'Charles', a sea monster jumping puzzle on the next iteration. Spawn: Particularly when Zuhpanda turned it all into stone slabs At some point, having the same iteration of the server for so long was getting stale, it was time for something new, for something different and bigger! ZOL 3, Tower Defence: To celebrate the ending of HatV4 a very special event server was created. This event lasted for an entire month! The Hatters were given three lesser and one major crystal to defend, and time to set up defences. Each week, one of the towers was attacked by the Zombie Overlord. For the first three weeks, each of the minor crystal towers fell to the Zombie Overlord and his forces. However, the major crystal was successfully defended! This event was also where beloved characters like Ziggy Of Langley (the Deceiver) and the Doomsayer (the Doomsayer) were introduced. Hatventureland (HatV5): November 2015 to January 2017 Along with a brand-new website, a new adventure-themed server was released! It contained a survival Minecraft world as always, with a large, gorgeous spawn of stone and marble. It also contained a MASSIVE (19.6 GB) world made just for questing! This world was known for its significant difficulty and OP mobs. Notable Builds: EVERYTHING, AGAIN!: From the glorious spawn to the many beautiful areas of the adventure map, this entire iteration was a sight to behold! It is important to note that this is where we went our separate ways from Hat Films and became the Hatventures Community. While we are no longer an 'official' Hat Films server, we are the only one which exists for their fans. In fairness, the community has grown a bit beyond them, and many members either no longer watch them or never did to begin with! This community started as a fan community, but now it is much more based around its existing members than on a particularly fandom. As with any server, interested dwindles and it is time once more for a renewal! HatV6: January 2017 to August 2017 TTT and Rust servers were also brought in. HatV7: August 2017 to Now This is the current server and I have been on it two or three times max so idk. If you remember any details that has not been included (particularly about the most recent iterations), or want to submit a video or image to link to, send it to me or post it as a reply. Replies which have been incorporated into the main post will be entirely italicized. Thanks to Sphiron, Outerwebs, Snaptraks, Flingbing, Penerbang, Captain_Marbles, Emilykun, Mr_Pepelo, vashts6583 and xplio for their contributions!