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    Why does it burn when I pee?
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    I have a question for you Pener. Why do Australians call flip flops "thongs"??? Like what the hell is wrong with you people???
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    UPDATE: The update for this game is a patch of size 26 GB for non-ultra HD texturepack users and a 40 GB update for those with the high-res texturepack. The update is this large due to texture reworkings on the Kafe map and operator textures along with completely new lighting changes. Due to it's humongous size it's safe to say today's game night will not take place, it will be delayed to Wednesday or the weekend if Wednesday doesn't work out. There is a bug going around right now where you pay have to download the same 26-40 GB patch multiple times. A fix for this is to untick "automatically enable game updates" in Uplay. I think this may fix it for Steam as well as Steam most likely has to download it through Uplay. Rainbow six siege is a pretty fun game, and has an update with 3 new operators and a new map releasing this coming Tuesday. I thought it'd be a nice idea to round up some folk and try out the new stuff, the operators will cost you sadly enough, but the map is free to play. Video of the map: If there's more than 5 people who end up joining then we can do custom games where we fight eachother as Attack vs. Defense instead of just us vs. the AI. Hoping to see some people for this, it's a really fun game to play with friends, although last I saw some hatters play it was quite early this year. Stay snazzy folks, hope to see you around.
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    Congrats on you 3 winning! Your prizes have been handed out.
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    Flash_Portal: "I demand you give me my gold back" Lord_Critic (Tim): "I demand you kiss my ass"
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    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie... That's a moray
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    Hey folks! A new Grand Theft Auto V update has been announced! Update is set to release next Tuesday (Aug 29). I'm anticipating it to be the same sort of game play as Gunrunning or CEO stuff with awesome aircrafts added and hopefully some cool outfits too. Here's the trailer: As we usually do for updates, let's get together Tuesday night and have a look at what the update has to offer! Date: Tuesday August 29 2017 Time: ~6PM GMT onwards (earlier for anyone interested) Theme: TBA Link to event here! Thanks friends, see you then!
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    Sir_Thursday to Penerbang: shut up you discount british
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    this thread is eminating cursed energy and i dont like it
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    Oh why hello there. I had an interesting idea earlier today, why not make a tournament/challenge thingy involving 2 of my favourite things? Fishing, and money. Basically, I'm going to be hosting a tournament for a week (Until the 31st of August) where the person to catch the largest fish (in kg) wins! Pretty simple right? First place will get 500 quid, second place 300, and third place 200. There's also a twist though, if you manage to beat my largest fish caught at the time of the end of the contest (currently 2405kg), you will win an additional 100 quid on top of your prize! Rules: - You must post on this thread when you have caught a fish you deem worthy with proof. Proof being a screenshot of the fish itself or some other way that you can prove it - The fish must be caught after the 24th. If you try to post a fish caught earlier, you will be disqualified from the tournament - Have fun, and make lot's of money! Also if you wanna donate some quid for the prizes feel free. I'll raise each of the winners money with your donation. it's not like I have enough quid or anything.. lel Also one other thing, make sure to tell your friends! I want this to actually have some competition! Proof of my own fish:
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    Ledgendary Kronosaurus 2030.48kg caught 25/8/17 4:27pm GMT Proof of catch http://i.imgur.com/BsF7GIk.png
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    So I dug around in the past and uncovered a few interesting things. Some are mine, some aren't, but either way these are some ancient hatpack end of era stories from way back when. Here they are, enjoy. Scorched Journal of Blood The Alchemist ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Journal Entry #18746 Willow, Minecraftia: Land of the Mechanical Hat Date Unknown Today I noticed something strange happening to the soil in Fairy's Respite. Due to the nature of my work knowing the soil is paramount and this sudden change was not a good one. The nutrients that have always been plentiful in the soil are running thin, crops are dying, grass will no longer spread. If I am to maintain my current lifestyle I must find out what is going on... Journal Entry #18747 Willow, Minecraftia: Land of the Mechanical Hat Date 22 Agust The are dark clouds on the southern horizon. I can no longer see the World's Edge like I used to from Fairy's Respite. This seems all to familiar yet somehow it feels more... final. I will journey to the Edge tomorrow to see if I can find something to help understand what is happening. The whole world seems to be dying and it all is coming from the Edge. I can only hope to find something that will help stop this death of the world. Journal Entry #18748 Willow, Minecraftia: Land of the Mechanical Hat Date 23 Agust I have arrived at the Edge and the feelings of Deja vu are even stronger. I can see figures outlined in the fog, massive, hulking forms lumbering closer and closer. I suspect that they will arrive in the next few days, 5 or 6 at most. It is likely that they are the army of death sent to bring an end to our world. I will travel to the Hat and look for any records of these behemoths or anything else that might give hint to our situation. Journal Entry #18749 Hatters Core, Minecraftia: Land of the Mechanical Hat Date 26 Agust I have spent days searching the records for anything that might help us but have only found accounts of people accepting the End. They all believe they will be born anew in a new land with new things and new people. I fear this is not the same for us. The army I saw marching at the Edge was much larger then any ever described by these accounts and they are not cut from the same cloth either if the rumors are to be believed. In the accounts they say the creatures were smaller and black with eyes of pure white. They say that the monster ravaged the land but left the people alone The refuges from the Edge are saying these monsters are bigger then the tallest tower and have eyes of fire and a thirst for blood. If the rumors are true then we are all doomed. Scout reports say that the behemoth army will arrive in 2 days time. Our end is most assuredly here. There will be no rebirth. Journal Entry #18750 Hatters Core, Minecraftia: Land of the Mechanical Hat Date Dooms Day This is my final entry. The behemoth army has reached the Core. We have little time left. I write in hopes that somewhere our kind has remained hidden and safe. Our people have been decimated by this army sent by death. Our lands are covered in blood, and I have lost all the power I once held. Only a handful of us remain and we have grown tired of running. The Core will fall soon, our fate is sealed. *On the back of the journal a message reads: "The Core has fallen, it's peoples, lost. The Land of the Mechanical Hat is no more. We are sorry. -The Red Gods"* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Journal of Kathartrix I awoke today in a forest outside of the areas I typically travel. I have none of my equipment to which I held dear, but I have found a scorched journal. The journal seems to refer to something called the core and its falling, I’m unsure of why I awakened with it but I shall continue with its form. Journal Entry #1-Day 1 I see what I think is a house on the edge of the forest; hopefully it will have something I can use to get home…. The house was plenty stocked with food and basic supplies. The strange thing was all but one of the clocks and calendars were frozen on August 27th. The one that was still running said 10th of September. Assuming it is the 10th I have no recollection of the missing 2 weeks. For now I sleep Journal entry #2-Day 2 I’ve gathered what I could, some basic iron armor, a strange almost mystical fish, and some food. I must say this world seems very cold to what I remember, I spoke out to the ether, and I’m not sure what frightens me more the lack of a response or that my name had been washed of all color- What could do this, and Why am I the only one here!? I must forge on, If I can get to my home I can restock and search for any other survivors. Journal Entry #3-Day 6 Still don’t know where I am, and food is getting low Journal Entry #4-Day 7 The sun is setting fast, But I KNOW WHERE I AM, I’m at Tants’ base. It’s very far from home, but since he doesn’t appear to be home he probably won’t mind if I restock and gear myself up a bit more. For now I rest. Journal Entry #5-Day 8 I did my best to sleep through what sounded like footsteps throughout Tants’ base. Anyway Its dawn and I still have very far to go to get back home- I shouldn’t delay any further. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| If anyone has more then feel free to add em.
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    I'm a masters student, I think I've paid for my permit. Honestly a lot of what I spoke about in that spoiler tag is highly hypothetical. Also, I'll admit a lot of the stuff is based on quite simple models and I certainly wouldn't cite it as straight up fact (I did make a point of saying it was hypothetical, maybe I should have stressed it harder in retrospect). The flipping of Space and Time is just an extension of the concept of light cones. Maybe I'm pushing things a bit far, but in fairness I did also explain the limitations related to black hole time travel (IE: why it doesn't actually work).
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    Quick update for you all, the first/second/third places have had their prizes all raised by 100! Also, the contest thingy ends in 2 days so you better get fishing if you want to win!
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    lets get a game on! 7PM CEDT Central Europe Dayligt savings Time)
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    I found some (by that I mean 1200) screenshots I took around Christmas 2012 on the Hatventures server! Some of it is my own stuff, but it features Hattington Station, Piggleton, etc. Have fun sifting through!
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    Just got a 624.26kg Epic Rohu at 03:40 am 25th of August. Proof of catch Good luck to other contestants! Art
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    I'll have you know it's 17°C ACTUALLY! Beautiful weather
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    Ooh I got one, in the UK, why do you call 14C and clouds 'Summer'?
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    Yeah, you have to buy your permit first, Outer! >:c That being said, most of what you said is true, but the space-time distortion and switching time and space thing is highly hypothetical, and I insist on the highly. No proofs of that exist, and even more, I've not seen any bit of actual science going that way. Only in science-fiction things do these statements won't make any serious scientist laugh at you, I warn you. But yeah space-time itself is a whole, so that's pretty cool.
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    Hang on, I thought only Plew or Snap possessed permits for that kind of thing.
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    Warning: Long Physics explaination ahead Viewer Discretion is advised... That said it is some smashing Physics
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    Update to post, please read.
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    So uh, something just happened It totally didn't scare me when it happened maybe
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    It's not just any tribe but Anytribe!!! hey
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    hahahahahahHAXhahah... haha... ha... hmm
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    Mine is simple. When I first joined up and was known as Princedomino, it was because I got minecraft at the same time as I was going by that on tumblr. Which was...ages ago. High school ages, maybe even at the end of jr high ages? Honestly cannot remember why princedomino was ever a thing. Once I was able to change my MC name, I became goat_s. Why? I love goats and wanted to make sure everyone knew it..plus some people called me goats instead of princedomino because my skin was a goat and someone was already nicknamed Prince and someone domino, so it just worked out. Why "goat_s" exactly? "goats" was taken. I will never forgive.
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    Hey hatters! A new update for GTA Online means its time for a GTA night! Smuggler's Run brings new PLANES!!!!!!! and probably other stuff, also PLANES~!! Here's a post about the update! As always there is a theme which is yet to be decided, suggestions are welcome! So on Tuesday August 29th at ~6pm GMT (the usual), join in for some GTA Online fun! - Pep