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    Ummm I only have one Halloween picture it isn't full costume and its kind of boring. but whatevs
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    Recently bought a drone and a couple of buddies of mine and me went up Mount Pilchuck in Washington. You definitely can tell this is my first video, but still had fun making it. Tell me what you think. BTW, my face at the end is the face of concentration, and fear.
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    I don't agree that you can get similar games on phone. Sure, it is quite pricey but the games that are on offer currently and the lineup it has is quite great. Have Mario Kart, Stardew Valley, Mario Odyssey and a few others on it currently and they are all fantastic. Also looking forward to Rocket League, Skyrim and La Noire to name just a few of the titles that are to be released. I think the fact that you can take great titles with you is what is so great about the Switch. Looking forward to using it on long plane trips and especially as a source of entertainment for when I'm with Demo(BORING)man.
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    How dare you say such things about a picture of you that is in my "Top Three Pics of TheGrayK" count
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    Hey friends! Transformer races have been out for about a week now, they're pretty fun so let's all get together and play some! Currently the races are also worth double RP and double $$! To coincide with the TF2 update, the theme will be TF2 classes! I know this is a bit last minute, so if people are interested still but can't attend we can do a round 2 on the weekend. Date: 24/10/2017 Time: 4PM GMT (earlier or later, I'll be around) Thanks!
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    For the first time in my life, I actually went to a Halloween party this year: But wait, there's more! Okay, I'm done now. Enjoy!
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    As of right now, Rainbow Six Siege is on sale at 50% off and has a free weekend running on Steam. There's also an update due end of this month that adds 3 new operators plus a new map (or two) to end Year 2 of content. The game has great support but lacks a bit in the game mode department. All in all it's great fun with friends and I definitely recommend it. (maybe create an event for this Saturday to get together and play it?)
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    new profile pic for u nah but that is a pretty sick vid.
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    I am extremely jealous - want to trade it with my broom pole and duct tape?
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    I just recently got one, and am more than psyched to get Mario Kart 8 for it, along with another controller. I bought it with Super Mario Odyssey, which is an absolute stellar game. The obvious qualms I have with this console is not being able to prop it up while it's charging, and that the kickstand for it is very flimsy and weak. Aside from that the console really is very good in most if not all aspects. Definitely recommend it.
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    You need to make that "face at the end" your new profile pic for everything. It's amazing!
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    Will do. Just takes time to edit, legit.
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    Beautiful. Do some more please!
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    7 Days to Die is a survival based game like Rust, with zombies! Since a lot of hatters own this game already, we've decided to start a server and see how we go. If you don't have it already, it is currently on sale on Steam. The Hatventures Community 7 Days to Die Server is already up and running. As of the time of this post, the server is at Day 20 and has default day night cycles and times (60 minutes in real time = 1 game day). Most of the settings are default, however we have decreased loot respawn time to 7 days and airdrops will show on the map. PVP is on so killing players is allowed, however we're a pretty friendly bunch and so far everyone has been working together against the main enemy, the zombies. Connecting to the Server: As this is the first iteration of the server, we are still working out the best configuration settings so please treat this like a beta version. The server may be reset or restarted at any point so don't panic if it does, we will inform you when we do so. Obviously feel free to make suggestions if you are already familiar with the game or think we could improve the experience. See you on the server! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE - 6th November 2017 We have reset the server and are back to Day 1 as of 06/11/2017! Changes made: - Difficulty increased to 5 (previously 3) - Feral zombies enabled - Blood Moon Zombie count increased to 16 per player (previously 8)
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    Hey folks, me again! Halloween is fast approaching, but since it's on a weekday I thought we could get in early with a premature celebration on Sunday night! GTA Transformer Races are super fun AND are once again double money and double RP! In addition, there are a whole bunch of bonuses, free money just for playing, and discounts going on right now so what better excuse do we need to get together for a GTA session. Here's a nice little image that shows you everything going on right now (thanks @Capgun). You can also check out the social club events page for more info. As always there is a theme. I think you can guess what we will be dressing up as this spooky season! So please join me for GTAV races, missions and much more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 29th October 2017 Time: 4PM GMT onwards (approximate time, flexible) Theme: Halloween -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Guns of Icarus online has become available for free on the humble store. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/guns-of-icarus-online Just a friendly notice.
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    I think we need to make a glass tower, with constantly charcoal powered furnaces.
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