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    Missile Wars for Minecraft 1.8.9! The now old mini-game for vanilla MC, if you don't know about it there are plenty of videos on YouTube. It is a lot of fun!I will be hosting this on a temp server, and it is still slightly untested, so expect bugs, maybe lags. This is hopefully the first of a series of Missile Wars events, depending on how it goes, both technically and in popularity. I hope to see many people there!
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    Lets get a good long game of Trouble in Terrorist town going! Saturday Evening 1900 hours Central European Summer TIME on the 12th of May on the Hatventures Community TTT server. To play you need to do this 1. Bring Your Own Booze* 2. Have Teamspeak installed and setup 3. Have Garry's Mod installed and set up 4. Have Counter Strike Source installed because of a lot of Textures 5. Bring a Smile * (is optional)
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    Good Day All! Not one week ago we announced a new staff role, Coordinator, whose goal would be to participate in staff discussions but mainly to help run community events (For more information on the new role, click here)! We would first like to congratulate clarinet_chick78, Snaptraks and Flash_Portal for being accepted as our pioneer coordinators! We now have a larger team to bring you more community events, in a wide range of time zones, in many different games! Now, you may be asking, when are these events and which games are we playing? Well, look no further than the homepage of the website, which now features a calendar of events (just scroll down once you’re there)! On this calendar you will find official community events hosted by members of staff in many different games you will be interested in! Note that times displayed on the calendar are those in your local timezone. Check it regularly for new events! Games currently being hosted this month include Planetside 2, Golf With Your Friends, Overwatch and Jackbox Party Pack games like Quiplash and Fibbage! Remember, what is currently on the calendar is not necessarily the same the next month! These games/event times will likely be changing each month, and suggestions are welcome! Of course, you can also add your own events to the calendar! There will also be a prize pool! Once you participate in an official event, your name is automatically entered into the pool. Your name is entered only once per month (qualification as a participant is validated only by the host or co-host, but don’t worry, you just have to play)! At the end of the month, there will be a draw for a prize! What will it be? Likely Steam store credit (amount determined by number of people in the draw) or something else! The goal is simple: get the community playing more together! With more events there will only be more opportunities for all of us to have a ton of fun! Hope to see you all there! -The Hatventures Community Staff
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    Looking forward to this! I hope to see some of you chaps for some Planetside on Friday
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    I'm honestly really excited to help plan game nights and such!