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  1. Outerwebs

    Crunchy or smooth

    I'm gonna say smooth... like everyone in this community 😎
  2. Outerwebs

    Hatventures Memes

    ............. Ok, fine I'll be nice
  3. Outerwebs

    "What is time"

    I'm a masters student, I think I've paid for my permit. Honestly a lot of what I spoke about in that spoiler tag is highly hypothetical. Also, I'll admit a lot of the stuff is based on quite simple models and I certainly wouldn't cite it as straight up fact (I did make a point of saying it was hypothetical, maybe I should have stressed it harder in retrospect). The flipping of Space and Time is just an extension of the concept of light cones. Maybe I'm pushing things a bit far, but in fairness I did also explain the limitations related to black hole time travel (IE: why it doesn't actually work).
  4. Outerwebs

    "What is time"

    Warning: Long Physics explaination ahead Viewer Discretion is advised... That said it is some smashing Physics
  5. Outerwebs

    Fishing Jamboree Tournament/Challenge

    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie... That's a moray
  6. Outerwebs


    Fite me 1V1 nerd
  7. Outerwebs


  8. Outerwebs

    Trouble in Terrorist Town Night

    I'm currently quite busy with my course ATM, though that will be coming to an end soon, so if I can't do this week, I almost certainly will be able to do next week.
  9. Outerwebs

    Fortunately, Unfortunately: THE RETURN

    Fortunately, Zuhpanda knows where the back of this vault is and Emily's "Eyes" can function as a high power laser drill allowing us to get at the starbucks so we can burn it.
  10. Outerwebs

    Traitor Defib OP as hell

    The problem with regards to that is that it adds a no consequence way of just killing traitors, or at the very least, outing them. It's one thing if you put something like that on a server where it's mostly just people dicking around and not playing the game seriously, but I would say that our community as a general rule enjoys playing TTT properly and a tool like that is a major issue because it takes a lot of skill and guesswork out of the game. There's a reason that our community generally house rules out Traitor Testers.
  11. Have you ever been in a situation where something has come up where the only proper response is to photoshop things together? Perhaps you've made a funny connection between words and wanted to see what would happen if you were to combine the two things. Well this is the place for you! In The Photoshop Thread, we routinely take arbitrary things and staple them together in Photoshop on a whim. (Well, Paint.Net, because we're cheapasses, but you get the point) Want to join The Photoshop Thread, not a problem, just get stapling things together. Everyone is welcome to show off their skills/creations/insanity. To start us off though, we've got a delicious morsel, dreamed up with inspiration from one of our very gracious admins, I give you...
  12. Outerwebs

    Hatventures Community Civilization V Tournament

    I'm out guys, I was blazing a Science trail as Korea, but everything changed when the Meng nation attacked, then it was a bit of a bloodbath. One City 400 Science lyfe. Catch you all later.
  13. Outerwebs

    Hatventures Community Civilization V Tournament

    I'd be down, though I would have things I'd need to work around (Birthday, Dental appointment, going back to Uni, etc.) Relevant info: Steam name: Outerwebs Hours: 264 Host?: Should be able to, though I haven't really tried. With regards to the other rules, I would say that: Civs: Player choice, though I'm not sure how assignment should work. This would prevent RNG screws and allow people to develop strategies (or not as the case may be) rather than just having to work on the fly. Map: Continents or Pangea, unless explicitly agreed otherwise by all players of the game. I personally prefer continents as it forces players to play the naval game and work for a domination victory, it also means that the first world congress host has to do a bit of extra work to get the congress set up. I do however understand that some players prefer Pangea, so decision between the two would be done based on a popular vote. Victory conditions: I don't particularly care either way with regards to time victory, however I know a popular thing to do is disable diplomatic victory to prevent, among other things, collusion to prevent an obvious winner from winning. While I suspect this would be less of a problem in a tournament setting, I would ask that diplomatic victory be left ON with the caveat that in the event of victory by collusion, the game be rewinded to a point before such a victory and played out. This is due to the fact that there are various civs in the game that seek to win by diplomatic victory and it would be unfair to deny these strategies just on principle of the fact that this one mechanic can be abused. AI: No Sorry about the text walls. Holla if you want them split up a bit to be more readable.
  14. Outerwebs

    Create New Topic

  15. Outerwebs

    Civilization VI

    It has occured to me that with the introduction of multiple leaders for a single Civ, I can give players a Hatventures themed Civ with the Sir of their choice leading without having to (find someone to) completely redesign assets for each sir.
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