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  1. GipsonXC

    GTA Sunday

    Works for me now I just need to reinstall GTA
  2. GipsonXC

    GTA Sunday

    Yo, So after many attempts I have finally got GTA to work on my laptop again. Not even a failed hard drive and way to much "stuff" installed on my lap top can stop me from playing this game. I'm posting here today to see who else would be interested in hitting GTA up once again. Personally, I'm hoping there's enough people to start up heists again, but maybe enough of you lads want to play that we can do play list once again. Anyways, if you are interested in starting up GTA again post below so we can get some idea of how interested the people are. Much love, -GipsonXC
  3. GipsonXC

    Keep getting removed from server

    have you tried turning it on and off again?
  4. GipsonXC

    Missile Wars


    OMG YES!!!
  5. GipsonXC

    Hatventures Community Moving Into 2018

    Also kind of want to give minecraft another shot
  6. GipsonXC

    Hatventures Community Moving Into 2018

    I like the idea of random events. Kind of like how Pep will do sometimes for GTA every (even though I can't play that game anymore *much sad*) Like just bouncing some ideas here but sense this is a gaming community, maybe advertise our steam group more and build that up some ya know.
  7. GipsonXC

    First Drone Video

    DJI Mavic Pro. Its nice, really easy to fly.
  8. GipsonXC

    First Drone Video

    Will do. Just takes time to edit, legit.
  9. Recently bought a drone and a couple of buddies of mine and me went up Mount Pilchuck in Washington. You definitely can tell this is my first video, but still had fun making it. Tell me what you think. BTW, my face at the end is the face of concentration, and fear.
  10. GipsonXC

    please take my charcoal/glass

    spoken like a true anarchist.
  11. GipsonXC

    please take my charcoal/glass

    yes please
  12. GipsonXC

    The Wolf Among Us: Season 2

    I'm going to like this, because i like things
  13. GipsonXC

    Your Mugshot Here v2.0

    Yet another one, cause I know you all enjoy seeing my face
  14. July 10th? That was a monday..... people work on mondays
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