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  1. christrumpet

    Crunchy or smooth

    Please. Let the battle begin.
  2. The peanut butter was the best ever ok. All smooth
  3. christrumpet

    Yoo Hoo! Big Summer Blowout.

    I do.
  4. christrumpet

    Hatters Watching Films!

    I'll have to put these dates on my schedule so I can watch some movies with you guys! I just like watching movies.
  5. christrumpet


    I like anime that make me cry. Clannad, Ano Hana, Angel Beats.
  6. Six containers of smooth peanut butter. All different brands.
  7. christrumpet

    Off the Hat Remarks

    "you kids get out from behind my ass" -clarinet_chick78
  8. christrumpet

    Christmas Building Competition

    I'm submitting the freestyle only (even though I've finished all of the plots. Co-ordinates are: x: -803, y: 121, z: 116 Merry Christmas!!
  9. christrumpet

    Flesh out your MC character!

    1. What is your character's name? Christrumpet. Some people may refer to him as Chri Strumpet, But Christ Rumpet is more correct. 2. Race? (Lizard, Corgi, Pumpkin, Dimensional Shambler, etc etc) An overactive human 3. Age? idk maybe 11 4. Place of Birth/ Hometown? was molded from gum. his birthplace is all over the world in the mouths of many. 5. Height? a reasonable height at 5" 6. Pets?* He hangs out with a goat robot sometimes. 7. Biggest fears? Not getting his next sugar fix. 8. Preferred method of travel? Madly dashing. 9. Favorite meal? Candy 10. How wealthy? In calories, many. In quid, he is also quite wealthy. In real honest to goodness dollars he's a millionaire. 11. Weapon of choice?* Candy canes sharpened into shivs 12. Any special abilities?* Is actually a really nice guy. 13. Any useful skills? He is overall pretty helpful and very cute. 14. What do they dream of when they sleep? mounds of white powder that is neither snow or cocaine. 15. Do they use magic or technology? Or a heathenous mixture of both? Tech. unless magic can duplicate cookies. 16. Any ties to guilds or organizations outside of Hatventures? Was once a corgi. 17. Current thoughts? I'm tired. 18. And finally, how did they get to the Hatventure realm? Spoike thought He'd enjoy. He does.
  10. christrumpet

    Pretty (sweet) City

    I mean. I live in a flower forest and I'm looking for a village to go with it.
  11. christrumpet

    Your Mugshot Here v2.0

    Here we go! There are a few here. I'm obviously the one on the right.
  12. christrumpet

    Brace Yourselves, 2016 is Coming

    Do my laundry more often and uhhh take more baths.
  13. christrumpet

    Hatters Watching Films!

    Can we just watch every Christmas movie in existance? kthx. (Elf plz)
  14. christrumpet

    More big shops in Spawn??

    I would actually be down to having usable markets in other towns. I think it would add some authenticity to the cities in adventure!
  15. christrumpet

    Yoo Hoo! Big Summer Blowout.