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  1. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Hatventures Community Moving Into 2018

    PVP Mortal Kombat Style Tournament! Like the one I held several years ago!
  2. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    PVP Island in Adventure

    This is somthing I would really like to see made in adventure, it's basically an Island where PVP is allowed, but I personnaly think the "Island" should be somthing like a resort with specified "Arenas" where fighting can take place. I'm gonna try to make an example for it in Creative, but I kinda wanna see one modeled after Shang Tsung's Island from Mortal Kombat. A few Arena ideas: A Courtyard A Garden A Shrine Bridges over a pit A Nether Arena (Which Only Mods/Admins have access too and take people there to Fight?) Training Room Armory Graveyard A Dungeon A Throne Room
  3. Pener... me and someone else found a mistake in Nam's dungeon. If you get a chance can you come on. We'll be waiting.

  4. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Hatventures Community: The Comic

    Ah that's okay... honestly I'll be surprised how much you'll fit into Part III. This situation didn't happen... exactly like this... but it's mostly a self jab at how I suck at Parkor. As for what Clari is doing, in the original pitch she was suppose to be walking by when she suddenly started watching me in all my stupidity .
  5. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Dragon Lizard Movie Ideas

    Once in a while I get ideas for movies and feel like sharing them. I don't really have scripts (I plan to work on them at some point) but sometimes a Synopsis is the best place to start. I would like to get some feedback on the story ideas tho. Also, sorry ahead of time for any spelling errors or grammar mistakes. Film: We Are The Queens Synopsis Posted: 1/30/2016 Film: The Ghosts of Halloween Synopsis Posted: Pending Quick Synopsis: A mid-aged Superstore Supervisor is visited by three ghosts on Halloween night in a style similar to a Christmas carol. They are Frankenstein's Monster (Past), a Sexy lesbian Vampire (Present) and a creature wearing a cloak that turns out to be a "Thing Style" Monster. Film: Mad Science Synopsis Posted: Pending Quick Synopsis: Set at the turn of the 20th century. A young man inherits a castle from his estranged grandfather, ultimately uncovering his’s past as a Mad Scientist. When the village becomes plagued by werewolves, zombies and vampires, the young man takes it upon himself to put an end to their problems, even if they didn’t ask him to.
  6. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Hatventures Community: The Comic

    YAY! \o/
  7. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Ziggy Stardust returns home: RIP David Bowie

    This is especially sad for me because I was named after his character "Jareth" from labyrinth. My namesake has passed on
  8. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Hatventures Community: The Comic

    Can't wait to see the next ones.
  9. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself!

  10. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Write my bio

    Born and raised in the New English Countryside, hesgrant is a legendary warrior and soldier who puts other great legends such as Link, Samus Aran, Venom "Big Boss" Snake, and others to shame. He enjoys cocktails on the beach and smooth jazz... also cake. The Cake is a lie!
  11. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Some Sprite Comics I made.

    For those unaware, I do have two Sprite comics on Tumbler. The First is Tales of the Skull King: A story about a writer who dies can comes back from the dead, only to be pissed off at his situation and decides to... you guessed it... take over the world. OF COURSE! http://talesoftheskullking.tumblr.com/ The Second is Resident Evil: Parody Edition. It's a retelling of the original Resident Evil story... but mixed in with stupidity, wtf moments and other funny crap that makes fun of the original game. http://scribblenautsresidentevil.tumblr.com/ They're all made from sprites in the Scribblenauts games (I credited the source) and truth be told I would like to make these REAL comics... but I can't draw... so... Fell free to check them out and tell me what you all think. The Navigation Bars on the right are very helpful when reading.
  12. Dragon_Lizard_Reptileus

    Yep, I'm here.

    Just posting to alert you all I'm now on the forums. You can go about your Business.
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