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  1. Emilykun

    Minecraft Build Battle


    Thanks to all who participated in this event We all had a great time! Bonus builds for funsies!
  2. Emilykun

    Rust and TTT screenshots needed

    I have a few from Rust.. My graphics settings arent the highest to make it run faster, but close enough?
  3. Emilykun

    Silence of the Hats

    they are RIP
  4. Emilykun

    Whats in the Box?!?

    Mimikyu is love, Mimikyu is life
  5. Emilykun

    Spooky Server Soirée

    yaaay I can make it \o/
  6. Emilykun

    Anyone know what is happening?

    Don't worry, we haven't abandoned ship though next time you see the server's down you should probably let one of us know
  7. Emilykun

    Hatventures Memes

    I love this entire thread so much but dayum tort my day was made with that last one
  8. Emilykun

    Vanilla Compatible Modpack

    Agreed on that one, on the server anyway
  9. Emilykun

    Pokemon Go Buddy System

    I'm happy :>
  10. Emilykun

    Emily can draw

  11. Emilykun

    We can cook and bake.

    We have a large summer vegetable garden, and one day I noticed I had pasta and no sauce.. and so many tomatoes.. seemed like an easy solution. Followed this recipe and BAM, I had dinner. Cut up/added some basil leaves too, now if only we had parmesan cheese.
  12. Emilykun

    Why do you have the skin you have?

    When I first learned I could change/customize my skin I was like and found minersneedcoolshoes.com and mostly just started picking things out of the already-made pile and just piecing things together... my thoughts were "if I could fully represent ME in an outfit, what would that look like?" because I had no idea what I wanted. The rainbow shirt is for my gay pride, long curly hair because that's what I have irl ..why not?, a crown because I am a muthatruckin queen!, I think I took over from there -- drew on a black trenchcoat because let's face it.. I've always wanted one. Drew on a red blindfold because.. honestly the game I played before Minecraft was Maplestory and my character had a red blindfold there too and I loved how it looked. My original skin had pre-made red shoes to match the blindfold, but over time I changed those to black combat boots just to be more badass. Modified it slightly over time, somewhat recently I added my mesh arm-warmers.. I think it was the day I was wearing them irl why did everyone think they looked kinky?! I also have an entire folder of variations, and a folder of other people's skins I've done
  13. Emilykun

    Hatventures ᵘˢᵉʳᶰᵃᵐᵉ Origins

    Only in the last 6 or so years have I been going by "Emilykun" which stemmed from my sister learning Japanese and telling me about the different ways to address certain people and accidentally calling me Emilykun (for boys) instead of Emilychan (for girls, which I clearly am) and having a good laugh about it. It became an inside joke of sorts, a nickname, sometimes she'd just call me Kun and I'd call her Kun Junior (or just Junior) like I was a mentor and she my grasshopper. My other past usernames have been "Fffffox" because why not, "revenge_seeker13" because of starting to turn emo.. I believe I passed that username down to my sister at some point, "Emilysundead" meant to be read like Emily's Undead.. it was Runescape and I liked the idea of ruling over vampires/zombies.. got called sundead a lot xD, "Mimisash" because it was a RPG of sorts and I wanted my mage to sound exotic, "NoobishMimi" because mimisash got hacked and I wanted my friends to know it was me.. and let's face it I'm a noob sometimes. If you ever see "Crylime" around the internet, that is another one I use a lot these days, literally my first name and middle/last initial backwards.
  14. Emilykun

    What's everybody listening to?

    Sometimes I get this song stuck in my head the entire day, it's very calming and pretty and kinda epic
  15. Emilykun

    We can cook and bake.

    Oh! I've made bread once I followed this recipe from a woman I watch on youtube occasionally, it was the promise of it being easy that roped me in. I was very proud of myself