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  1. Dark Fury45

    Closing the Server

    GUESS WHO'S BACK?! But seriously, the community had clearly started drifting off months ago. The hatventures servers are drawing in no people, and the people who are here aren't coming on. Clearly, the community either no longer cares for the game, or the people don't feel the same sense of community. It was always the active community that kept drawing me back to the server, even when I was losing ideas on minecraft. Once upon a time, the servers were brimming, full of people talking. I remember being a part of the initial players on the recent vanilla server. Loads of people were on, but no one was talking. That's not a community I want to be a part of and also why I took my leave. Without a community I see no reason as to why I should stick around, and if a community isn't interested in an event or game, no one is going to stick around, and the community will be lost. Clearly, restarting the minecraft servers isn't enough to get people interested in playing minecraft with a 'fresh start', and leaving the servers open so that they stagnate isn't the option either. I noticed that the ZOL event had drawn a lot of attention, and I think that rather than hosting servers where you can putz around and do as you please for months on end, having a short-term (2-4 months) server event would be much more effective in drawing people in. Regardless, we've also grown up. Some of us have university or college, others are working, and some just lost interest altogether. Those people won't be able to play or don't care to play, and those were the people that made this community great. A server without a community is a hollow shell. It shouldn't be full of people but empty of conversation. It shouldn't be hosted with little to no people, no matter how much passion ten or fewer people have about it. It's time to close the server, or seriously change how it's handled.
  2. Dark Fury45

    Vale, vale non. I take my leave.

    I appreciate the concern Bex, but I just don't enjoy the vanilla minecraft server and the other games just don't interest me/I don't own. Vanilla was good before the server update, but now I feel that it's just too... I dunno how to say it other than "modified" for vanilla, even with plug-ins being a thing. Even on modded minecraft with the fancy trees it had, it didn't feel so dynamically different from the base game. What I was hoping was we'd get a community style server. Instead, I found myself out in the wilderness with no neighbors like on the previous server, only with much more complicated terrain that feels really estranged from Vanilla and unsuitable. I remember on Hatpack V4 the staff agreed to a smaller map size so that we could have more community and less strain on the servers, but even then I still had to go a few hundred or thousand blocks in order to find people, if anyone was on.
  3. I've met all matter of kind, funny and generally great people here. There've been loads of adventures and I've really enjoyed my time as part of this community. However, I feel disconnected and no longer enjoy the servers. It was fun once upon a time, but now I get no enjoyment from the servers. Sometimes they're quiet, other times empty and it's at the point I might as well be playing single player most of myself. You can't say you're part of the community if you feel disconnected for it. This is goodbye, but not farewell; I might come back, I might not. I'd like to do something for this community at some point, but right now I just don't enjoy my time here and the servers no longer give me the excitement I felt back then. Until then, stay awesome everybody.
  4. Dark Fury45

    It's Alive!

    Lemme know when the servers are stable and I'll join.
  5. Dark Fury45

    It's Alive!

    He's dead Jim.
  6. Dark Fury45

    Switch in two months

    Sorry but if you play a game for its frames and graphics, that's like watching a porno for its story.
  7. Dark Fury45

    Switch in two months

    The Nintendo Switch is released in two months, and the reveal either on the twelfth or thirteenth. Where do you guys stand on the hype meter, and what games outside of Nintendo do you hope to see on the switch? Personally I'd like to see the Dark Souls franchise added in. Fromsoftware is joining in on the partnership so if we could play Dark Souls on the go, that'd be awesome.
  8. Dark Fury45

    Happy New Year Hatters!

    My resolution is to stop putting the date 2016 on my papers.
  9. Dark Fury45

    An update on progress

    Once we get a new map, anyone feel like starting a township or so on survival?
  10. Dark Fury45

    Silence of the Hats

    Seriously, the forums used to be relatively popular, especially the off-topic section with random shenanigans. Where is everyone? :V
  11. Dark Fury45

    Fortunately, Unfortunately: THE RETURN

    Unfortunately we are overtaken by the bicycle cavalry and miss out on the glory.
  12. Dark Fury45

    Where have you been, vamp?

    I'LL ASK AS MANY DAMN QUESTIONS AS I PLEASE! And doing well I suppose. Vanilla server's getting a reboot soon.
  13. Dark Fury45

    Minecraft Gallery - Post Your Screenshots Here

    I feel some veterans of the community may get a kick out of this one.
  14. Dark Fury45

    New game on steam...

    ...and I have NO idea how to react to it. Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/544130/ Video trailer...
  15. Dark Fury45

    Fortunately, Unfortunately: THE RETURN

    Fortunately anything not-canada has become zombie, and we're on the Death Road to Canada
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