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  1. Rust server feedback/suggestions

    Honestly, the only thing I absolutely hate about playing rust a lot, is that I tend to play solo, and every time I log back on, it's almost guranteed that my entire base will have been ripped apart, and I'll have to restart. I'd like to have it where that's less likely to happen, especially when your house is only really a 3x3 1 story wooden shack.
  2. Rust server feedback/suggestions

    Yeah, I have to say that I for one would like a server with slower decay and a bit more protection for the offline players, partially because I absolutely hate coming online to find all my hard work has been stolen/destroyed.
  3. The 3 Maids

    Game of Maids: Brace yourself, dust-bunnies are coming
  4. Flesh out your MC character!

    1. What is your character's name? Captain James Keel 2. Race? (Lizard, Corgi, Pumpkin, Dimensional Shambler, etc etc) Human 3. Age? 27 4. Place of Birth/ Hometown? Small town on the Hatventures coast, which was bombed to hell in a war 5. Height? 6'4" 6. Pets?* No pets 7. Biggest fears? Watching those he cares about die... Again 8. Preferred method of travel? By ship, or any water vessel really 9. Favorite meal? Rum 10. How wealthy? Enough to retire on, if he ever wanted to 11. Weapon of choice?* Elven Cutlass made from Lich Steel 12. Any special abilities?* His goggles allow him to detect heat signatures, and he's highly skilled in all forms of combat with all forms of weaponry. 13. Any useful skills? Able to man an battleship by himself, extreme sailing expertise, and Combat Genius 14. What do they dream of when they sleep? He dreams of the open sea, when he has nightmares, it's of his friends and comrades drowning to death. 15. Do they use magic or technology? Or a heathenous mixture of both? His goggles are enchanted with magic, and his sword is of a magical nature, as it's made from a Lich's phylactery, giving it near indestructible attributes, and allowing it to pierce most magical barriers. 16. Any ties to guilds or organizations outside of Hatventures? He was once a member of the Hattington Royal Navy 17. Current thoughts? He's currently hunting bandits across the Hatventure realm, wiping out dangerous individuals one by one. 18. And finally, how did they get to the Hatventure realm? He was born there.
  5. The 3 Maids

    A movie adaptation of the ensuing fight must be MAID.
  6. Hatventures Community: The Comic

    Ooooo, do you have a link to your submissions? I've been needing to get some art done, and I like your style.
  7. Hatventures Community: The Comic

    Tort, I give you permission (Beg you) to put me and all likenesses of me in your comic
  8. It's a pretty hot and humid day in the fields to the west of Hattington. In a large clearing within a grove of trees, there's a series of rudimentary training dummies, a series of weapons on weapon racks, some gymnastic equipment, and a small hut. In the center of it all is a man with one eye, his arms covered in scars, practicing swordplay on a wooden dummy.
  9. The Slimey Walrus [Casual RP Attempt]

    ((Starting a sort of training RP, gonna be casual, can talk))
  10. The Slimey Walrus [Casual RP Attempt]

    Leaves a note on the bar counter in very poor elven ((Sindarin)) "Gone Training, feel free to come visit," beneath that are a set of co-ordinates
  11. The Slimey Walrus [Casual RP Attempt]

    Hands the barkeep a bag of coins, and heads back down into the wine cellar behind the counter, muttering something about 'Interrogation' under his breath.
  12. The Slimey Walrus [Casual RP Attempt]

    Sighs, "I suppose so... I'm sorry to say I don't have more pairs of these." he says, tapping his goggles.
  13. The Slimey Walrus [Casual RP Attempt]

    Grins, "See, this is why I like you, you understand these kinds of things, and how everything's not just a black and white sort of conflict. I respect that kind of opinion."
  14. The Slimey Walrus [Casual RP Attempt]

    Chuckles, "True, I just wander wherever I can find someone that needs helping."
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