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  1. Zeemo

    Communal Modded, maybe?

    Hey there, it's me again, the only guy who suggests the same thing around this time every year, modded Minecraft. Somehow I haven't gotten tired of this yet. So what's this post about then? I personally still believe that modded Minecraft holds experiences still fresh to me, and many others. Hence I'm here yet again making this post in hopes of reviving the possibility of this community attaining a modded Minecraft server. If you want to play modded Minecraft so much, can't you just play it yourself? This holds true, however what initially lured me into this community was the appeal of multiplayer, and to be able to play multiplayer modded Minecraft amongst fellow Hatters is an experience that in my opinion, was too short-lived, and I will give as much as I can to enjoy it once again. But why modded Minecraft, and not just vanilla Minecraft? A vanilla server already exists, and the majority of Hatters, at least those that I know, are too tired of playing vanilla again, as it gets too boring too quickly. Modded Minecraft holds a virtually infinite list of possibilities and experiences that are so different from vanilla, it's as if you're playing a whole new game. There's something for every kind of Minecrafter to do, from magic, to exploration, to farming, to technology and to adventure. Oh and also building. So why hasn't there been a modded Minecraft server yet? The setup and maintenance of a modded server for Minecraft as compared to other games is much more tedious and demanding, in terms of time, effort and money. Hence there is a very low chance of it ever happening, if at all. If it's too much to handle, then why are you still suggesting such an idea? While there may be a lot of negatives, there are ways to circumvent at least some of them, the main reason of this post is to suggest ideas to make that maintenance and cost a bit less harmful. And so I'm actually suggesting some ideas this time, as opposed to just asking for a modded server every year. Ideas for player access Ideas for the server gameplay Ideas for the server outside of gameplay So there you have it, a long and exhaustive list of all the ideas I could think of. These are most definitely not all possible ideas or suggestions. I would love to hear, and encourage those who read this to please drop your opinion, no matter what it may be. I personally want to see what the community thinks about this, and whether it's an idea to be welcomed or not. (Considering that it's been rejected since community launch till now, probably not too welcomed but oh well) Thank you so very much for reading, I look forward to your replies.
  2. Zeemo

    Hatventures Community Moving Into 2018

    More event servers where we fight towards a common goal or just generally compete would be nice.
  3. As of right now, Rainbow Six Siege is on sale at 50% off and has a free weekend running on Steam. There's also an update due end of this month that adds 3 new operators plus a new map (or two) to end Year 2 of content. The game has great support but lacks a bit in the game mode department. All in all it's great fun with friends and I definitely recommend it. (maybe create an event for this Saturday to get together and play it?)
  4. Zeemo

    Nintendo Switch, yay or nay

    I just recently got one, and am more than psyched to get Mario Kart 8 for it, along with another controller. I bought it with Super Mario Odyssey, which is an absolute stellar game. The obvious qualms I have with this console is not being able to prop it up while it's charging, and that the kickstand for it is very flimsy and weak. Aside from that the console really is very good in most if not all aspects. Definitely recommend it.
  5. Zeemo

    Rainbow Six: Siege Night

    Update to post, please read.
  6. Zeemo

    Rainbow Six: Siege Night

    Event for the Rainbow Six: Siege Night, link to forum post can be found here.
  7. Zeemo

    Rainbow Six: Siege Night

    UPDATE: The update for this game is a patch of size 26 GB for non-ultra HD texturepack users and a 40 GB update for those with the high-res texturepack. The update is this large due to texture reworkings on the Kafe map and operator textures along with completely new lighting changes. Due to it's humongous size it's safe to say today's game night will not take place, it will be delayed to Wednesday or the weekend if Wednesday doesn't work out. There is a bug going around right now where you pay have to download the same 26-40 GB patch multiple times. A fix for this is to untick "automatically enable game updates" in Uplay. I think this may fix it for Steam as well as Steam most likely has to download it through Uplay. Rainbow six siege is a pretty fun game, and has an update with 3 new operators and a new map releasing this coming Tuesday. I thought it'd be a nice idea to round up some folk and try out the new stuff, the operators will cost you sadly enough, but the map is free to play. Video of the map: If there's more than 5 people who end up joining then we can do custom games where we fight eachother as Attack vs. Defense instead of just us vs. the AI. Hoping to see some people for this, it's a really fun game to play with friends, although last I saw some hatters play it was quite early this year. Stay snazzy folks, hope to see you around.
  8. Maybe try a Disco theme with this one? Afros and all, if it's possible.
  9. Zeemo

    Off the Hat Remarks

    Discord Quote 1.0 "I really enjoy super hot showers." - @Pep "What, where the water only comes out if you move?" - @Shadow
  10. As the title says, GTA V's Online has become a grindfest, but did we expect anything else? No, no we didn't. This is simply due to all cool collectible prices being inflated into oblivion, it makes you have to grind for cash or resort to the inevitable Shark Cards that Rockstar ever so subtly pushes players to buy with each new update. But grinding can be done right, and can be very efficiently done in terms of cash:time ratio. So here are a bunch of useful links that'll give you some really good insight as to what you can do to make your grinding methods more effective. NOTE: All of these are listed under the assumption that you have a Biker business, a Bunker, a Crate warehouse or a Vehicle warehouse. GTA Online Mega Guide: Contains useful links to resources and FAQs and most guides. Offices, Warehouses and Crates CEO FAQ: Everything you need to know about Special Cargo missions, including FAQ, links to other guides, and useful general information. Levelling a second character from scratch (FOR CRATES): It mentions second character but this will basically work for ranking up fast in any level. Crate Profits v2.0: A post containing a table that details crate profits for Special Cargo CEO DLC in terms of each crate number, money made per crate mission, and profit made per hour. Comment on Crate Profits v2.0: Details really handy and helpful tips to maximise crate profits for crate missions. Import Export CEO FAQ and Notes: Comprehensive post outlining the Import Export DLC and detailed information on car selling and statistical data. Comment by a user on Import Export CEO FAQ post: This comment gives a decent routine aimed towards solo grinding to make the most cash per hour. In practice it isn't as effective as in theory, but still decent nonetheless. Import Export Visual Imgur Guide: Although this guide has a lot of useless images, it contains useful ones showcasing interfaces of certain screens and a few gifs to do some Vehicle Cargo missions certain ways. Skipping any information you know or don't need to know, you can find some really helpful info here. Import Export Mission Guide: Very handy post that details every single Vehicle Cargo mission you'll have to do, including notes and possible optional ways to do each mission. Import Export Cargobob Guide: This visual guide covers how you can use the Cargobob for Vehicle Cargo exports, along with usage in sourcing missions. The exporting part is particularly handy if you want to be good on time and not have to deal with pursuers. Import Export Spreadsheet: Details data based on your input and data on it's own for car sales, works best on OSX or the app Numbers, by Apple. Import Export Car List: Car list of every single exportable car with the Import Export DLC, can be sorted by car name, plate, range and collection. Biker Work, Challenges, Contracts and Business Work: Very comprehensive post detailing the Biker update and the best ways to make money in it. GTA Online Business Spreadsheet: A spreadsheet that covers every business that you can make money from, including the Gunrunning DLC Bunker. Gives all the numbers you could need, such as profit per hour, how much stock is produced in however much time, and the hours taken in game to even up on the money spent on the businesses. Gunrunning FAQ: Contains useful info on stock levels and general Gunrunning DLC stuff in detail. Guide to all Gunrunning vehicles' explosion resistance and power: This guide lists explosive power of missiles and rockets from every weapon in the game, including from the cannons of the new vehicles and unlocks. Gunrunning stock calculator: A very handy stock calculator for the Gunrunning update that lets you select whether your bunker has upgrades or not, how many stock units you have, how many resupplies you'll need if stock isn't full, and can calculate stock levels based on the selling value of current stock in Blaine County (that's the number you see in the bottom right corner of your screen when you enter your bunker) Gunrunning Business Guide & Notes: Guide focused on Gunrunning DLC Bunker business which contains useful notes and information pertaining to the Gunrunning DLC. Comment on Gunrunning Business Guide & Notes post: This comment uses maths to properly compare assigning staff to both research and manufacturing as opposed to just either one, and it's better to focus on just stock. This post will be updated further should I find anymore useful information relating to the Gunrunning DLC.
  11. Zeemo

    GTA V: Gunrunning Update

    Please add this as a forum event, once the date has been finalised. I also suggest military clothing for the theme.
  12. While this is great and I wish I could join in to play with everyone, I'm more so annoyed by the fact that they aren't putting the game on sale during the free weekend. Most other developers have a free weekend and sell the game on a discount in case people get glued to it and want to experience it more, not Blizzard though.. Oh well, can still grab it in a summer sale hopefully.
  13. Hey mate, remember me from 2012/13?

    1. Zeemo


      I do, actually.

      It's been a while hasn't it?

  14. Zeemo

    Hide and Seek Tournament

    Is it possible to add in some previous maps that were on the last server to the rotation? Because there were ones made on the previous server that never got added to the rotation.
  15. Zeemo

    [RUST SUGGESTION] Recycler

    Info: The Recycler, a truly marvellous piece of machinery. Or, is it? The Recycler is an uncraftable machine found in most monuments (not in Sphere Tank, AKA Dome) and is used to break down items into their raw constituents. Quite handy, don't you think? Well, in it's current state it may seem too handy. Statistics: Based on information from the Rust Wiki, here is a short list of some items and what they give when recycled: 1. Metal Pipe = 2 High Quality Metal 2. Sheet Metal = 3 High Quality Metal, 100 Metal Fragments 3. Tarp = 50 Cloth 4. Targeting Computer = 3 Tech Trash, 1 High Quality Metal, 50 Metal Fragments 5. Empty Propane Tank = 50 Metal Fragments 6. Semi Automatic Body = 5 High Quality Metal, 75 Metal Fragments Issues: As you can see, you can get quite a decent amount of High Quality Metal and other resources from recycling items found easy enough in barrels or crates. This goes on to say that you will always get this amount of materials from the items you break down, regardless of how many you have, how full the recycler is etc. The Recycler when combined with the constant amount of items you get from the absolute ton of barrels and crates littered around the map can get you a lot of resources without having to mine a single rock or make a single quarry. In it's current state it gives a set number of certain materials when you break down certain items, keep in mind that this isn't 100% efficient. Meaning that if I were to make a piece of clothing and then recycle it, I wouldn't get all the cloth I used to make it back. However, what it already gives is sorta insane. In addition to this, the GUI of the Recycler it says you need fuel in the form of Wood, but it has infinite fuel as it is right now. What I'm meaning to say is that the Recycler in it's current state proves to be a very powerful tool to those who may utilise it and makes it very easy to get good weaponry and a decent amount of resources without having the need to mine ore nodes or set up quarries. As of right now, in this current Rust version, the Recycler is implemented as a feature. Meaning that what materials you get from recycling an item has been set by the devs, how much of each material you get from recycling an item has been set by the devs, and the chances of getting each material from recycling an item has also been set by the devs. Solutions: 1. The Recycler as a whole should be disabled, since it massively reduces the amount of time it takes to progress up to late game from mid or early and quite literally eliminates a lot of the difficulties a player would face to reach late game and tackle all the challenges they come across 2. Reduce the amount of Recyclers on the map, although I think this may be impossible (may be possible with a plugin) 3. Add a large amount of fuel in relation to the Recycler's operation time (plugin) 4. Change what all is possible to obtain from recycling certain items (plugin) I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, as this is a new thing I came across when I played and apparently not many people know about it. (also wow such fancy post editing, gotta make it look prim and proper as if it were an article) Thanks for reading.
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