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  1. ^ I I If anyone has forgot.
  2. Hello Just wondering if anyone knows a coach for Rainbow Six Siege that could train someone like me (a noob) how to play the game. I've been playing FPS games for a while but after a large vacation from that genre I want to get back into tactical shooting and I want to do well in this game. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  3. ^ Jason I have never seen the letters D and M used so much before in a sentence before, gg. Anyway I will be available to night and im not sure about Altsa yet. (ALTSA IF YOU'RE OUT THERE GIVES US A SIGN!) In the interlude of Bloodmist and Theo not being here, I too have developed a campaign we could play that is flexible but i digress. We'll see what everyone wants to do when the time comes.
  4. I believe there is a solution to this. In the Yogcast's TTT episodes they have been adding new widgets and gadgets and one of them allows a D (Detective for the dirty minded!) to elect someone else to become a D as well (I'll leave the impact of this on game play to everyone's discretion). Now before the Dev's attack me and ultimately annihilate me about how completely difficult it is to do this while making other projects for the community is I will say I understand if this doesn't become a thing or it does then yay but I believe this is worth considering for future iterations of the TTT server. Please dont hate me!
  5. Speaking of which, Bloodmist why dont you tell Altsa what he's missed out on in your campaign. (This is also a clever opportunity for me to know as well)
  6. SO ^ This is a interesting concept to have for a server and would make it easier to live and do things in the world. What I would think would be fun thought is if a little portion of the server was taken up as a Rp area for people to come visit and interact with other people including this plugin ( I dont actually know if it is a plugin im not a expert) IMAO.
  7. Hello there
  8. I suppose but if your in to that kind of genre then its a great game.to try.
  9. Hello everyone For some time now (if I haven't told everyone already) I have been a member of the Dreadnought closed beta testing and as thanks for my assistance in testing (playing really) the game, they have given me 3 closed beta invites for the game during their specials weekend coming at the end of this week. If you would like a invite or any further information about the game, feel free to drop me a message on the TS or Forum. Regards https://youtu.be/TvZMMNOca9A
  10. Well for some reason i cant see yours then.
  11. Saids the guy who doesn't have one
  12. If you want a giggle about something DND related, Just watch this: https://youtu.be/qMiRKRSYmGU?t=20m36s Just watch this, words cant describe this guy's fortune.
  13. Hello Just so everyone knows I will no longer be able to do consecutive sessions of DND for the tie being. From now on I will only be attending once every two weeks leaving a gap in between. For tonight's session I will not be able to come and so will leave will post this message as a heads up. P.s. as a small instruction to whoever plays my character, Tresden will not kill anything especially those doppelgangers because he wants to interrogate them. Have fun
  14. Sure I'm game Free everyday
  15. Unfortunately someone brought the Canadian kindness into this story. Making it more kind and 'lovey dovey' than it actually is.