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  1. yakuza120

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah i think this is the best way, but you want a nice and high powered pidgey... another option is evolve a few of the highest pidgeys with the candy you got from the lower ones, so you can get more pidgeotto candy
  2. yakuza120

    Pokemon Go

    yay, at least i'm not alone in this, my town has 4 stops, spread over the entire town and 2 gyms (my starter is a pikachu)
  3. yakuza120

    Pokemon Go

    So, just wondering, do any of you play it? what I can say about it, it's a fun game, walking with a small group of friends through your neighbourhood, meeting a lot of new people and catching pokemon in the proces. I think it's seriously more fun than sitting around all day playing online games. (Although, not sure if it's better than this community) Today I caught an eevee
  4. yakuza120

    Rules and Guidelines - Q&A

    Next question, the global chat langauge is English but what if there's nobody else but 2 people speaking the same language (other than english), can they speak their language as long as there's nobody else on the server?
  5. yakuza120

    Plug.dj is back!

    It surprises me that you're still here and I haven't seen you online yet (i haven't read all the forums so idk where you at) but yay! music
  6. yakuza120

    Skyblock - Block level caps

    I've gotta say that I completely agree with what's said here. If leveling your island is just about putting down the next block in line without caring about how it looks, then there's no fun to those who like to have a great looking island (yes you altsa), I suggest we all take a look at that island and ask ourselves, do we want more of those nice looking islands, or do we want a bunch of random blocks mashed together, just to reach a higher level?
  7. yakuza120

    Modded Minecraft Base Commissions

    damnit, you made my cry, I miss hatpack :'(
  8. yakuza120

    Rules and Guidelines - Q&A

    but the limit applies also to skyblocks then? alrighty
  9. yakuza120

    Rules and Guidelines - Q&A

    I'd like a bit of clarifciaton on the 10 animal rule: What if you play both survival and skyblocks? Can I have 10 animals and 20 villagers on both? or only on one? or can I split both in half?
  10. yakuza120

    What's your internet speed?

    Just taken at 3.45 pm so idk
  11. he also has a green hat
  12. yakuza120

    Interesting Fish

    Feesh! but i ate mine, is that bad?
  13. yakuza120

    Hi I'm yakuza120, again

    Howdy fellas! I have return, sad day in history I know, but I'm kinda back for a while now :p. So can someone tell me what happened while I was away? I already discovered that Moobley has become one of them, the green ones and that we've gone to 1.9.4, which is nice I guess. And apparently my old fish aren't worth anything anymore. Any thing else important? Hope to see you guys (and girls of course!) on the server. Grttss
  14. yakuza120

    Fortunately, Unfortunately: THE RETURN

    Fortunately we found a cure against radiation sickness and radiation induced cancer
  15. yakuza120

    Brace Yourselves, 2016 is Coming

    is that thing a movie trailer or something? i'd love to see it:p resolutions: get gf (this has been on the list for a while now, forever alone) get healthy do schoolwork don't fail finals
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