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  1. Tantalus

    Fishing Jamboree Tournament/Challenge

    Congrats on you 3 winning! Your prizes have been handed out.
  2. Tantalus

    Fishing Jamboree Tournament/Challenge

    So uh, something just happened It totally didn't scare me when it happened maybe
  3. Tantalus

    Fishing Jamboree Tournament/Challenge

    Quick update for you all, the first/second/third places have had their prizes all raised by 100! Also, the contest thingy ends in 2 days so you better get fishing if you want to win!
  4. Oh why hello there. I had an interesting idea earlier today, why not make a tournament/challenge thingy involving 2 of my favourite things? Fishing, and money. Basically, I'm going to be hosting a tournament for a week (Until the 31st of August) where the person to catch the largest fish (in kg) wins! Pretty simple right? First place will get 500 quid, second place 300, and third place 200. There's also a twist though, if you manage to beat my largest fish caught at the time of the end of the contest (currently 2405kg), you will win an additional 100 quid on top of your prize! Rules: - You must post on this thread when you have caught a fish you deem worthy with proof. Proof being a screenshot of the fish itself or some other way that you can prove it - The fish must be caught after the 24th. If you try to post a fish caught earlier, you will be disqualified from the tournament - Have fun, and make lot's of money! Also if you wanna donate some quid for the prizes feel free. I'll raise each of the winners money with your donation. it's not like I have enough quid or anything.. lel Also one other thing, make sure to tell your friends! I want this to actually have some competition! Proof of my own fish:
  5. Tantalus

    Ancient Texts

    (Even though this post is a month old, I only just saw it) Is there ever a time when Kath isn't at my base..?
  6. Tantalus

    New Dawn, New Day, New Minecraft Server!

    Sooo.. when do we get to sing A Whole New World?
  7. Tantalus

    Stardew Valley Multiplayer

    I'll make sure that happens, dont worry
  8. Tantalus

    Stardew Valley Multiplayer

    about time, bought it almost 2 years ago now for the multiplayer
  9. Tantalus

    A time like no other.

    Never thought I'd see the day that Zeemo leaves. I wish the best of luck to you Zeemo, you've been a great person to play with and I hope everything goes well for you in College and University. o7
  10. Tantalus

    Not Closing the Server

    Here's a link to the new Steam group if anyones too lazy to search for it https://steamcommunity.com/groups/HVcommunity
  11. Tantalus

    Not Closing the Server

    Without the running of other servers like Skyblock, Vanilla Survival(if modded was implemented), and the Adventure world, I'm sure the money could be found. I'm also not saying bring back Hatpack with 8 different regions, I'm talking about 2 or 3 at most. Also, I'm not suggesting a mega modpack with 200+ mods, I'm just suggesting one that hovers around 100, so everybody has the ability to run it.
  12. Tantalus

    Not Closing the Server

    Aw, so no modded then?
  13. Tantalus

    Do you remember?

    I remember a lot of things about this server and community in general. I remember when I first joined when diving into the fresh world of Modded, being heavily intimidated by the community at first, but quickly warming up to them. I remember when Dimen stepped down, which was an end of an era for the community in general. I remember the staff members who have joined us, and I remember the ones who have left. But onto the stories. I remember a time where I was a menace on the Hatpack servers, crashing them multiple times and getting everyone mad at me. I also remember how much of a community we were then, helping each other out as best as we could and the general fuckery that we got into, such as me mass producing SDX(TNT) and blowing up thousands of blocks, only for Poseidon to fill with milk. I have memories of the Vanilla servers also, of course. I remember when there were dozens of us on TS3 at times, all talking about various things that have happened while playing on the server at the same time. I have a lot of memories about these servers, many of them amazing. And I wouldn't change anything about them.
  14. Tantalus

    Closing the Server

    Personally, I don't want it to close but I can see why it should. The population just isn't there anymore, I've seen multiple friends leave the server and never come back, which has lead to my own decline in playing it out of sheer boredom. I only still come online every so often because this community is amazing and it's one of the few games my computer is able to handle. I like Zeemo's idea of a small modded server in place of Vanilla. You guys probably know by now that I really enjoyed Hatpack because of the community, and it also breathed a sign of new life into a rapidly ageing game.