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  1. Hey @BloodMists! We have just updated the Teamspeak server to the latest version! So you won't have to find an older version of teamspeak to download, you can connect with the new client with the same credentials as before. Thanks! - Pep
  2. Pep

    GTA Sunday

    How bout Friday 10th @GipsonXC?
  3. Pep

    GTAV Renaissance

    It's been a while, let's play again! There's even been a few updates, the most recent being GTA Online: After Hours But let's not focus on the update too much, but simply enjoying the game again. I'm down for a playlist or two, some freemode shenanigans and some themed clothes. Theme yet to be decided. WHEN: Friday 10th August, 6-7-8PM GMT/BST (very approx, but around this time) WHERE: GTA + TS (or discord or twitch chat, yet to be decided) THEME: TBA Cheers! - Pep
  4. A whoooole month later, this issue has finally been fixed! In short there was an issue with the last forum/system update which seemed to be patched/fixed in the most recent update. Now you should be able to access and comment on posts now!
  5. Pep


    Hey friends! Time for our Overwatch catch up! The retribution event will be done and dusted, so let's get into the casual quick play, arcade and custom games. I anticipate the changes to some heroes will be made live so let's see how they feel too! Join us in TS as well to join in on the fun! To join up if you don't have me already, add me with battetag Pepelo#11787 See you then! - Pepelo
  6. Pep

    Events! Events! Events!

    E V E N T S! really excited to play more games with all your hatters!
  7. Pep

    Minecraft Build Battle

    Hey friends! A little last minute addition to the April event calendar, some Minecraft Build Battle! If you've ever played the build battle mini game on servers such as Hypixel, then you will be familiar with the general premise of the game. However, our version will run a little different than what you are used to (some of you may remember a similar casual build battle we had on the previous server). This build battle will be run on the Hatventures Community Minecraft Server (mc.hatventurescommunity.co.uk), in the creative world. Now this will be less about skill in building, and more about having fun with friends and using a bit of imagination. We will give you a theme and you will have 5 minutes to create something small that fits within the theme. Some themes we may give more time (10-15mins) to create your build. We will then look at everyone's creation and vote on each others for the best for each round (everyone gets to vote but you can't vote for yourself). There are no real prizes for this battle, just bragging rights and some in game money for each round. The real purpose is to get together and have a bit of a laugh at what we come up with. You don't have to sign up to join, just simply turn up on the minecraft server and join us in TS if you like as well! Thanks everyone see you on Sunday night (this may be Sunday afternoon or Monday morning for you, depending on your timezone).
  8. Pep


    Hey @ContainzStuff The PVP plugin has been removed at this time. There were some bugs that unfortunately are still unfixed and were being abused. Will have to see what's available for PVP in future. Thanks!
  9. Pep

    Missile Wars


    So excited!
  10. Pep

    Overwatch (Retribution Event)

    Hey pals! The Retribution event has been announced and will go live on 10th April 2018 so let's get together and make sure we get all those new skins and poses! Download that update and join in on some Overwatch fun! The event's new mission may likely be a max 4 player type, however we can load up a custom game mode and have as many as we like! If we get more than 6, we'll split into groups so we can all enjoy! No need to RSVP, just join in game and TS if you like too See you then! - Pep
  11. until
    Hey folks! Join in for some casual Overwatch fun! We'll have some rounds in arcade and setup some custom gamemodes too! Everyone is welcome, no matter what skill level or hero main. If we get more than 6, we'll split into groups so we can all enjoy! No need to RSVP, just join in game and TS if you like too See you then - Pep
  12. Pep

    I'm back, I think

    Vash! Welcome back, lovely to see you again!
  13. Pep

    Rust 2018 V0.1 BETA

    Changelog Known Issues
  14. Pep

    Rust 2018 V0.1 BETA

    As of the 9th February 2018, Rust is out of Early Access! To celebrate and to check out all the lovely new features, we will be starting up the Rust server again, fresh for 2018! As always, the first iteration will be a sort of Beta testing, and as such we will be running this server version with a whitelist. How to join? The server is live! But to get on you will need to be whitelisted. Please add your STEAM64 ID here, or direct message me on Discord or Steam. Your STEAM64 ID looks something like this '76561198067168481'. I need it to add you to the whitelist! Once you're on the whitelist you can join the server. You can search 'The Rusty Hatter' in game or use the 'Click to Connect' on our website to join. What is Beta? Well usually it's pretty much just playing the game and seeing how it feels to play and providing feedback. We will be considering changes to gathering items, decay time, and things along these lines so please if it feels bad, let us know! Preferably let us know in this thread! But obviously discussions can happen elsewhere, and I am happy to take direct messages. What plugins are installed? - A bunch of administrative and moderating mods for your protecting and to combat hacking - BetterChat - DeathNotes - Gather Manager - FancyDrop - Item Skin Randomizer - A few others that add customisation options for admin stuff Yes, I am open to plugin suggestions too! Please leave them here, or message me with all your links. Currently, a lot of the customisation and plugins are set to default values. This means we can play around with crafting time, decay rate and drop numbers as we feel. Obviously gimme all your feedback in this regard so we can get it right for our community. When the Beta is all done (date to be confirmed), we will remove the whitelist and have an open server for all to join. Obviously the same sort of community rules will apply, so an open server does not mean a bad experience. However remember the nature of Rust includes some PvP, some raiding along with all the teamwork and fun times that we are set to have. Any questions, leave them below! All feedback, leave down there as well! Got some screenshots? We have a thread of Rust screenshots! Thanks everyone, see you in the game! xx
  15. Hey friends! Once again, here's another GTA V update, this time it's the brand new Doomsday Heist! It has been out since Tuesday and a few bugs have been patched so far. Check out the trailer below! As with the other updates, this is a good time to get together and play some GTA V! We can go through some of the races that are not quiet new but still pretty fun. In addition, heists are pretty flexible so if there are odd numbers, we can group people up so noone is left out! Details below, theme to be advised. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 16th December 2017 Time: 6PM GMT onwards (approximate time, flexible) Theme: TBA Link to event here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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