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  1. honky


    Does not affect Flying types
  2. honky

    Hatventures Memes

    the fucking liberty
  3. honky

    What's everyone reading?

    Title: The Greatest Show Off Earth Author: Robert Rankin Genre: Science-fiction/humour A guy is roped in to save a group of abducted humans, there's starfish and demonic chickens and a circus involved.
  4. honky

    Fishing Idea

    omg pay2win things to think about: the old as heck fishing plugin had instant bait that gave you a fish automatically, then when that feature was broken ark's fishing 2.0 had bait that gave you a 5% boost to your luck.
  5. honky

    1.8 Land Upgrades Deadline

    hmm, zeemo will need to do it then, as i'm not listed on the Land of Pies
  6. honky

    1.9: Release and Issues

    anyone recently used /quests stats?
  7. honky

    1.8 Land Upgrades Deadline

    heh, i think zeemo got the refund a while back, actually
  8. honky

    1.8 Land Upgrades Deadline

    oh yeah, i should probably check with zeemo/sav
  9. honky


    o hai