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  1. ikkin1992

    Off the Hat Remarks

    "clench your cheeks, I'm coming in!" - TheButteryWalrus. Also followed shortly by "spread them wide."
  2. ikkin1992

    Hatventures Community Civilization V Tournament

    Hey guys, sorry for missing the tournament. I had a lot of things going on at home and stuff and I only realised the time too late. Hope the games went well for those who did still compete. Maybe next time (if there is another tournament) I'll be able to compete.
  3. ikkin1992

    Hatventures Community Civilization V Tournament

    I'm down for this. Steam Name: ikkin1992 Hours: 156 Could host as I have hosted before, but my internet cuts out a lot now so maybe not.
  4. ikkin1992

    Rust server closed testing

    So here is my thoughts so far from the server after the last 3 days of playing. I think everything appears to be running smoothly. Everything I have to offer has mainly been mentioned so far but will add my take on them. - For the current number of people playing loot spawns are quite quick but might be alright if more people were playing so more competition for the resources/loot as I am able to loot places near where I live, drop off items and go back and start again with no issue and everything has respawned. - I also have seen barely any animals on my time on the server, I don't know if it's just where I live or my luck but over several hours of play I have only seen 1 bear, 1 wolf, 4 boars and maybe 1/2 horse/deer when normally I end up coming across more bears and wolves and have died to at least 2/3 by now... - I like the idea of the customization plugin but perhaps make it so it's a lower chance to get a random skin but I don't know how the plugin works so don't know if that's a thing or not. - The map size I think is fine for the number of players currently and for a few more people on the server. However, perhaps a larger map may be better when out of testing if there are a lot more people or so that monuments are a bit more spaced out and people have to travel further for items/to raid people making it more risky as there is more of a chance they might not be able to get back to bodies if they do die. I think that is it but if I think of anything else I will update this/make another post at later point.
  5. ikkin1992

    Rust server closed testing

    I'll be down for doing rust things. Steam ID = 76561198160487048
  6. ikkin1992

    Overwatch Free Weekend (18 - 22 NOV)

    I'll be around playing with my bad plays like I do every day... Also feel free to add me ( ikkin1992#2549 ) if you wish to see those terrible plays/play with at any point.
  7. ikkin1992

    Closing the Server

    I would love to see the server stay up but I can see the reasons why the server could close... I have spent quite a bit of time on the server since coming back after the event servers last year but then the last few months I have stopped going on minecraft servers in general just because I was bored. I still enjoy building every now and then but I'm not interested in building to stay on the server constantly, after losing interest in completing the quests. The reason why I spent most of the time on this server lately was to be able to join with the other community members who I have befriended during and after the event servers. In a way I guess I preferred the event servers because it was something different as everyone worked together for a common cause. It could be fun for everyone if it was an occasional event if enough people were pulled back but probably not long term wise. The only other thing I would wonder is if certain maps could be available to be downloaded if the server went down? It might just me because I have several unfinished builds I would like to finish in creative but if that wasn't possible I'd just restart them again somewhere else... one day... maybe.. However, going ahead it would be fun to possibly see other servers for other games set up, perhaps garrys mod or other games but that would be a lot of effort and might not see enough people use them to start with or if people would burn out on the games/servers by playing a lot to begin with and then stopping, similar to the minecraft server now. Bit of a ramble but it's just how I currently feel/can think of off the top of my head and write coherently at 3am. I'm just going to shhh now.
  8. ikkin1992

    Off the Hat Remarks

    "My lounges are always tasteful, especially the one with the stripper pole." - SirThursday talking to Flash_Portal.
  9. ikkin1992


    oh dear. It's a good job I'm too poor to buy too many boxes... well I'll continue to play badly and fail spectacularly then
  10. ikkin1992


    I think everyone I talk to is fed up of asking what I'm doing and then getting the reply "playing overwatch" and it's only been like this bad for a few days. But this game is taking over even though I still fail at it. ... and I'll awkwardly leave now.
  11. ikkin1992

    Off the Hat Remarks

    "I like to rub chocolate bars on my nipples" - DemoMan_
  12. ikkin1992

    Civilization VI

    *grabby hands* I would love to have this already as the individual areas within the cities seems like a thing I'd be interested in but I guess I can wait and keep playing Civ V for now...
  13. ikkin1992

    Off the Hat Remarks

    "I cannot build a duck, the plan is going to s***!" - clarinet_chick78
  14. ikkin1992

    I'm moving

    Awww man that's a real downer. Hopefully it goes ok and it doesn't cause you too much stress or any other issues. Just try to find some positives you can take forward because even though you might not want to leave it may be the start of something new? And I'm sure we'll be around for you before the move and when you return and (hopefully) settled if you need us.
  15. aww man. It'll be sad to see you step down and around less, but good luck with everything you do.