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  1. Alright Jaden Smith tone it down a little
  2. Flash_Portal: "I demand you give me my gold back" Lord_Critic (Tim): "I demand you kiss my ass"
  3. Guess I'll enter too
  4. Sir_Thursday to Penerbang: shut up you discount british
  5. Blaineinabowtie: i flirt with everyone doesn't mean I'm attracted to them it just means I'm a whore, followed soon after by : perky tits are how you win wars
  6. TheButteryWalrus: I use to line up my kids like bowling pins and throw whiskey bottles at them Blaineinabowtie: i'm willing to sell my soul for a lot of things and money is one of them
  7. Since blaine was too lazy to quote this i will "Choose which you would rather be castrated with: this sword, an axe, oh this pickaxe, or this potato" -me
  8. I took Turbo Pug DX, hopefully it's fun! Thanks turtle!
  9. Oh hey Hatventures peoples. Been a while since I've posted a mugshot hasn't it? Here I am from a few weeks ago trying on a new shirt, that I think looks pretty good on me
  10. It certainly was a lot of fun, even more so when fling mislead marbles as to what pener was disguised as to save his own hide I look forward to playing more often with everyone!
  11. Fair enough
  12. I think that getting a good amount of XP would be nice first off. And maybe have the bosses drop either uncommon or rare crates?
  13. I hope you all have an amazing 2017, and thank you to this community for being such a huge part of my life for the past almost three years. You all have impacted my life in such a way that makes me glad I was introduced to this community in 2014. Did any of you make any new years resolutions?
  14. Oooh ooh can I have one made for me?
  15. I love that last meme fling 10/10