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  1. Nintendo Switch, yay or nay

    Oh there's like three games I'm looking into getting, with the possibility of so many more coming out, mainly I'm wanting mario kart, and pokken tournament, plus that new super mario game
  2. Nintendo Switch, yay or nay

    So since it's getting closer and closer to christmas (no decorations till December, I want my turkey first) I'm looking into things that I may want for christmas. One of those things that I'm looking into is a Nintendo Switch. I haven't had a console in quite a while, the only thing I own right now is a 3ds. My question to you all is do you think getting a switch is worth it? If you have one, what are your thoughts on it? Some games that I'm wanting to get are mario kart, pokken tournament, and that new super mario game. I appreciate any and all feedback from you guys and gals!
  3. "What is time"

    Alright Jaden Smith tone it down a little
  4. Off the Hat Remarks

    Flash_Portal: "I demand you give me my gold back" Lord_Critic (Tim): "I demand you kiss my ass"
  5. Fishing Jamboree Tournament/Challenge

    Guess I'll enter too
  6. Off the Hat Remarks

    Sir_Thursday to Penerbang: shut up you discount british
  7. Off the Hat Remarks

    Blaineinabowtie: i flirt with everyone doesn't mean I'm attracted to them it just means I'm a whore, followed soon after by : perky tits are how you win wars
  8. Off the Hat Remarks

    TheButteryWalrus: I use to line up my kids like bowling pins and throw whiskey bottles at them Blaineinabowtie: i'm willing to sell my soul for a lot of things and money is one of them
  9. Off the Hat Remarks

    Since blaine was too lazy to quote this i will "Choose which you would rather be castrated with: this sword, an axe, oh this pickaxe, or this potato" -me
  10. Free Shizwa

    I took Turbo Pug DX, hopefully it's fun! Thanks turtle!
  11. Your Mugshot Here v2.0

    Oh hey Hatventures peoples. Been a while since I've posted a mugshot hasn't it? Here I am from a few weeks ago trying on a new shirt, that I think looks pretty good on me
  12. Hide and Seek

    It certainly was a lot of fun, even more so when fling mislead marbles as to what pener was disguised as to save his own hide I look forward to playing more often with everyone!
  13. Mob Bosses

    Fair enough
  14. Mob Bosses

    I think that getting a good amount of XP would be nice first off. And maybe have the bosses drop either uncommon or rare crates?
  15. Happy New Year Hatters!

    I hope you all have an amazing 2017, and thank you to this community for being such a huge part of my life for the past almost three years. You all have impacted my life in such a way that makes me glad I was introduced to this community in 2014. Did any of you make any new years resolutions?