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  1. Since blaine was too lazy to quote this i will "Choose which you would rather be castrated with: this sword, an axe, oh this pickaxe, or this potato" -me
  2. I took Turbo Pug DX, hopefully it's fun! Thanks turtle!
  3. Oh hey Hatventures peoples. Been a while since I've posted a mugshot hasn't it? Here I am from a few weeks ago trying on a new shirt, that I think looks pretty good on me
  4. It certainly was a lot of fun, even more so when fling mislead marbles as to what pener was disguised as to save his own hide I look forward to playing more often with everyone!
  5. Fair enough
  6. I think that getting a good amount of XP would be nice first off. And maybe have the bosses drop either uncommon or rare crates?
  7. I hope you all have an amazing 2017, and thank you to this community for being such a huge part of my life for the past almost three years. You all have impacted my life in such a way that makes me glad I was introduced to this community in 2014. Did any of you make any new years resolutions?
  8. Oooh ooh can I have one made for me?
  9. I love that last meme fling 10/10
  10. Modded servers can be expensive to run, and you have to take into consideration that some users in the community don't have computers that can run extensive mod packs.
  11. Im super excited but have a few questions: Regarding the TTT server, are you going to use DragonLordJeff's? Or will you be doing a whole brand new one? I'd hate to see all of his hard work and money go to waste. And in regards to the map downloads, will they have all our work on them before the reset? Or will they be just blank maps? I'm super excited that the server is not shutting down, and it's nice to see that some new things and old are coming into fruition! I look forward to seeing what happens with this
  12. I couldn't remember how to spell your username I'm sorry pls forgive
  13. Oh gosh, so many memories. I remember when I got hatter on the 1.7 server, I had a few wolf spawn eggs and was trying to sell them but no one really seemed interested, so I was like "really no one wants these?" in chat and I ended up getting the last two votes I needed within like minutes of each other One game of sg really sticks out to me from the 1.7 server as well: I was playing and so was LordTrundle and I saw him climbing up a hill so decided to sneak up behind him and scare him, well I succeeded seeing as after he was dead what he said in chat made no sense because I guess I scared him I remember having a sword I named police brutality on the 1,7 server and constantly killing at the time his name was blaine99999, now blaineinabowtie. A bit more of a serious memory, but I remember coming on the night my dog had to get put down and everyone was just so nice and compassionate On the first event server, I remember being one of the first to find a tower, so I started working there, and I get a message from someone who I have never talked to before asking if they could work with me, I was like sure, little did I know that this person would become my best friend, DragonLordJeff I also remember the quote wall that a few of us had on someone's land on the 1.7 server, there was quite a few interesting ones, one that sticks out the most to me is when Arkilus said after hearing about some viking certificate thing "I walked into the exam room and the stapled the certificate to my nuts" Those are just some of the highlights, there are so many more memories, so many memories that I know I will absolutely cherish forever. My friend bought me minecraft so I could play on this server and I'm so glad that she did, I've met amazing friends, made amazing memories, and honestly I look forward to where the future goes and the new memories that I will make
  14. Ok... first off the title scared the ever loving daylights out of me zuh, however I get where you are coming from. I remember how much fun the event servers were, and honestly I would really like for those to happen more often, I feel like they would not only be a lot of fun, but also would be a good way to bring in some community members that have maybe drifted away. I know that me personally, I've just been burnt out on minecraft, and just have not really had a reason to get on, it is just the same thing over and over again it feels like. Yet when the event servers were up, I had so much fun! That was probably the most fun I had on minecraft in a long time, and look at how many people were on during those, I think on days that the towers were attacked on the first event server, there was maybe at least 50 people, 50!! As for other games, honestly I don't really play much, games that I play with a lot of other people is gmod usually, so maybe servers like prophunt or death run, or hide and seek would be fun, but I think that TTT is pretty well covered because DragonLordJeff has put so much time and effort into his server. At the end of the day, I don't want to lose this community and the friends that I have made here, you guys have been there for me through some pretty rough times, and have also celebrated with me in the good times. I'll go wherever the communtiy goes, but I guess it would be nice to not completely forget our roots and where we came from.
  15. I've changed my buddy pokemon to my growlithe because that requires less walking to get a candy and I also want an arcanine really badly