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  1. Penerbang

    Hatventures Server Update (1.13)

    @BobaFettBFA If I remember correctly all we are missing from the current one is a mushroom biome. So I will make sure it is included! @ContainzStuff Something like this requires a lot of time and resources to get running. So, for now it is probably only something we would consider if there is enough support. @Scrapchallenge This is option 3 in the poll (Expand the borders of the current world slightly. I like the way things are now and don't really care about 1.13.). This option caters to everyone.
  2. Penerbang

    Inquiry about the Teamspeak 3.2.0 Update

    The Teamspeak has now been updated and you should be able to join as per usual!
  3. Penerbang

    Hatventures Server Update (1.13)

    I honestly have no idea. I currently have not even tested to see if those plugins work/are ready for 1.13. My guess would be no as you're not really fishing. Its more killing and collecting in my opinion. Fishing to me will probably always be with a rod. But I could be completely wrong!
  4. Penerbang

    Hatventures Server Update (1.13)

    Plugins are always subject to change due to many different factors. Things like mcmmo and fishing are a core part of the server now and I feel that unless people hate a specific feature/plugin of the current server, the list wouldn't change much, if at all. However, using fishing as a specific example, this plugin was coded by the great danjono. He has since departed from our community and may not be interested in updating it for us. In this case, we would have to remove it if it no longer works in 1.13. The way the plugin works shouldn't change anything with 1.13 as it works only by fishing with a rod. If there are any plugins/features anyone hates, feel free to let us know and we can discuss it as we move into 1.13. Also, if there is a plugin/feature you think the server could benefit from, let us know that too!
  5. Penerbang

    Hatventures Server Update (1.13)

    As you guys may know, 1.13 has finally been released for Vanilla Minecraft. With that comes the lengthy wait for plugins etc to update so that we can finally update the Hatventures server. While this may still be some time away, we are wanting to ask you guys what you would like to happen with the current server/world. The poll above will help us understand what current/returning players may want to happen to the server. These options may change in the future. However, as it is only the early days, let us know what you want! We are still quite some time off an actual update so don't worry about losing your builds or and progress. Please leave any questions you may have below or you can ask/discuss in discord.
  6. Penerbang

    New Community Role

    Good day Hatters! Introducing the new role within Hatventures Community Staff; [Coordinator] The new role will be a lower floor for getting involved in how the community is run behind the scenes. They hold no powers of their own but have access to and can participate in Staff discussions and help run events in the community. Coordinators will run their own events or assist other members of staff each month to make it easier for Hatters to play together. We will be putting the forum calendar up on the homepage and all official events will be posted up there. Of course we welcome and encourage anyone to put up their own unofficial events also. What is an event? Anything from a gaming session posted with prior notice on the forum and calendar up to a community-wide invite to your great-aunt's 120th birthday is what we’re defining here as an event. Coordinators will be expected to host or co-host a minimum of 1 event per month. Through this, we hope to see more community involvement and eventual growth. To start off with we will be taking on three test dummies to get the ball rolling. If you are interested in taking on this role then please fill out the form below: [Click here to apply] We will not be immediately replying to any applications but instead leaving them dormant until the need for additional Coordinators comes up and then approaching Hatters. We look forward to seeing this new change play out! Many thanks, Hatventures Community Staff
  7. Penerbang


    Added a poll at the top of this thread.
  8. Penerbang

    I'm back, I think

    Hi Back, I'm Dad!
  9. Penerbang


    Go for it!
  10. Penerbang


    Bosses are quite rare. We can adjust the spawn rates if they feel too rare though
  11. Penerbang

    Minecraft server down

    Sorry about the downtime. I was away from my computer and had a flight to catch. Shouldn't be too much of a problem now or in the future. If it is, just harass staff until its fixed
  12. Penerbang

    Nintendo Switch, yay or nay

    I don't agree that you can get similar games on phone. Sure, it is quite pricey but the games that are on offer currently and the lineup it has is quite great. Have Mario Kart, Stardew Valley, Mario Odyssey and a few others on it currently and they are all fantastic. Also looking forward to Rocket League, Skyrim and La Noire to name just a few of the titles that are to be released. I think the fact that you can take great titles with you is what is so great about the Switch. Looking forward to using it on long plane trips and especially as a source of entertainment for when I'm with Demo(BORING)man.
  13. Penerbang

    Q&A request

    Can I ask for you to elaborate who "you guys" is?
  14. Penerbang

    Stardew Valley Multiplayer

    I will! But only on Stardew Valley?
  15. Penerbang

    Going to LA

    If you pay for my plane ticket I can meet you there
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