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  1. Can I ask for you to elaborate who "you guys" is?
  2. I will! But only on Stardew Valley?
  3. If you pay for my plane ticket I can meet you there
  4. Anything from the previous server that wasn't added is gone unfortunately.
  5. Was a lot of fun and thanks to everyone who made it. For the next tournament I would be interested in seeing some new maps added to the rotation. If anyone would like to have a go at making a map feel free to do so in the creative world. All maps must be as good as or better than the current maps both visually and in game play. If anyone manages to do this before the next tournament, reply to this topic and staff can check it out and possibly add it! MARBLES MUST BE STOPPED!
  6. Sounds like fun. If Marbles is playing I think we should all target him. Just because...
  7. Hide and Seek OUT NOW We are pleased to announce that Hide and Seek has been released on the server! You can access this mini game through the allocated portal within spawn.
  8. Dailies are something completely different that would need to be coded from the ground up. This is unlike the mob bosses that will utilize mechanics we already have implemented. So in short, dailies are something that wont happen for now. Maybe in the future but as of now we have too much already on our plate.
  9. I would be against crates as that would make the Treasure Goblins obsolete.
  10. What sort of rewards would you guys like to see these bosses drop? Money? Experience? Items? etc The more suggestions the better!
  11. Behold! A sight you have all been waiting for... maybe. From left to right: Penerbang, Bex, Danjono and Flingbing.
  12. I too has the thing. Bet you can't guess my name!
  13. Hi back, I'm dad.
  14. Adventure Shops will now save and restore items and blocks on unrent/rent. No more lost items! Guards removed from towns as they were attacking players.
  15. Survival and Adventure /vote now looks prettier. Added more rewards to the vote shop. Skyblock NOTHING Because I hate you all lolololol Look at this!