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  1. ratbite

    Skyblock Issues

    It is important to access all of the pretty things.
  2. ratbite

    Skyblock Issues

    Given the age of the Skyblock server, it would be surprising if players *weren't* coming across potential issues. The soul sand issue is an obvious barrier. Gab's suggestions regarding a system for acquiring nether related items are sound. It would be nice to have more flowers, although you can trade with other players or conceivably change biomes to get access to those. I actually kind of like the fact that it's a pain in the rear to get sheep, but that's just me.
  3. ratbite

    Parkour Issue

    I gave up on Adventure, but I genuinely appreciate your suggestion/clarification.
  4. ratbite

    Littlehat: Do we need it?

    Outerwebs' motivation for keeping the rank speaks very much to my experience in becoming involved with the community. I had no idea what /tpa meant, but I wanted a white name so I engaged with people, asked for help and advice, provided help when I could. I was on medical leave from work when I joined the server and I know I didn't maintain that level of activity, but I was forced to get to know people in the process of ranking, when I would otherwise have been entirely a lurker. It's helpful to have the original logic of the littlehat system presented here for context. We don't need the security measures that we did in the past. And, as Tant states, there is little challenge to ranking, people get votes for just showing up. I think it would be worthwhile to clarify what one should consider when voting. I thought we were meant to be vetting people to help maintain a community that we want to be a part of, so I've just voted for people once I was satisfied they weren't jerks. Anyhow, I agree with Outerwebs' argument in favor of keeping the rank of littlehat, without the mechanical distinction of lack of access to /tpa, which may detract from getting new people to explore the server.
  5. ratbite

    Parkour Issue

    Apologies for bumping an old thread, but I just made an account and I'm on fire... I'm with alkiholl. Not to sound melodramatic, but the only time I've ever rage quit Minecraft is trying to get into Stoneholm. And I haven't even gotten as far as this bottomless pit of which others write. I understand that if one is terrible at parkour and if the puzzles are detracting from one's play experience, the obvious choice is to just not do them. However, the world was built to explore, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but you can't progress in Adventure without access to the NPC's in Stoneholm, and I would like to appreciate the fruit of the builders' labor. It's not about the reward for me, I just want to do quests, and wish that parkour challenges weren't a barrier to that.