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  1. Scrapchallenge

    Suggestion: Llamas

    I found the legendary llama mountain It's in the top right corner of the map (ish) not far from my home. I'm now the proud mama of 4 llamas.
  2. Scrapchallenge

    Hatventures Community Moving Into 2018

    I'm happy just building stuff to be honest, so hoping th server isn't reset again too soon, it got a bit disheartening over the past 2 years or so with resets and losing my work
  3. the daily challenge NPCs on the old server were a great way to get rarer drops and quid, and encouraged regular gameplay. A lot of the ways to get quid on the new server seem to be based around doing jumping/parkour things, and unfortunately as I'm disabled I simply don't have the manual dexterity to be able to join in on these
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