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  1. Scrapchallenge

    Hatventures Server Update (1.13)

    any chance to do what happened on the older server, add update but just make it add new land around the existing map for new biomes?
  2. Scrapchallenge

    Suggestion: Llamas

    I found the legendary llama mountain It's in the top right corner of the map (ish) not far from my home. I'm now the proud mama of 4 llamas.
  3. Scrapchallenge

    Hatventures Community Moving Into 2018

    I'm happy just building stuff to be honest, so hoping th server isn't reset again too soon, it got a bit disheartening over the past 2 years or so with resets and losing my work
  4. the daily challenge NPCs on the old server were a great way to get rarer drops and quid, and encouraged regular gameplay. A lot of the ways to get quid on the new server seem to be based around doing jumping/parkour things, and unfortunately as I'm disabled I simply don't have the manual dexterity to be able to join in on these