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  1. BileDuffy

    Crunchy or smooth

    S M U N C H Y ?
  2. I just get HTTP ERROR 500.
  3. BileDuffy

    Boss plugin

    So is the boss plugin a custom plugin made for the server or did we get it from somewhere? Is there any infomation anywhere about the bosses? Like health? Thanks
  4. BileDuffy

    Overwatch Casual (Arcade and Custom)


    can i play pls
  5. BileDuffy


    I would like to add that I have never seen a boss. Thank you.
  6. BileDuffy

    Old Minecraft Worlds

    Cool! Thanks
  7. BileDuffy

    Old Minecraft Worlds

    I was wondering if anyone had any of the Pre-HatV5 worlds they could share with me? Id like to take a look around them! Thanks
  8. BileDuffy

    Closing the Server

    Host Rust. Host Rust. Host Rust. But really, I am realivily new to the server but I have been with Hatfilms for a long time and minecraft for even longer. I like MC. I will always have good memories on it. However, its changed and for me this makes it less enjoyable. I think keep the current server but cut it down.. Get rid of some parts that take a lot of maintenance.
  9. BileDuffy

    BileDuffy here!

    Hello all, I have been playing on the server for a couple months! I am from the UK and have been a long time subscriber of the Yogscast and HatFilms. Bout time I made a fourm account eh?