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  1. Is this where we go to brag?
  2. I'd tell you not to fiddle with such things Zeemo but I figure that's why we have this forums to voice improvements to the game. There are a lot of things in need of improvement in Rust but you don't go about suggesting changing/disabling them. I'd say, let the game be unaltered vanilla form and let people ravage and savage all they merry want. In relation to the suggestion to the Recyler, Rust has undergone a huge revamp of it's crafting system which key feature relies on bits and bobs, pipes and springs. The Recyler fills an important role in-game for us to be able to get materials back from said items or re-purpose them for something new. /Lukas_Adler
  3. It's all temporary, you see, this battlestation, I got her all cleaned up for you lads viewing pleasure though.
  4. Actor is on her way to fishing mastery, when you get to level 120 fishing you get a master cape: https://youtu.be/HUyHZc7MLW0
  5. @Shirazmatas is the real impostor, I am the real Lukas.