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  1. Sure cant wait
  2. Cool Dec you were the first dm that essentially made this group and you are the first to actually get everyone in this group used to D&D and how its played something that to any other dm would be an extremely hard thing to do and no matter what you say your a really good dm especially when it comes to player disputes and for the most part you stick to the rules guven by the D&D handbooks which is awsome And bloods your also a good dm not for inter character disputes but rather with world building (yes dec you have this to you just haven't done it at bloods scale yet) and yes i do ask you plenty of questions which i know you mostly just passively look over and think *stop fricken asking questions* but you generally answer them without showing this or other complaints which is a great thing for a dm to do I look forward to futher games with you both with my passive white noise for bloods campaign and my idiotic randomness in decs campaign
  3. Oh and bloods can you work my weapons out for me I'm used to doing spells but for some reason i just cant seem to do my weapons correctly Also thanks to the Observant feat i get a 20 for passive perception so if you can somehow change that above the 15 it stuck to that would help
  4. Ok i will do that character sheet soon
  5. So what did you and theo achieve when i left dec and did you tell your friend who got the magic bag for them
  6. Well theo wasn't actually going to make it to this session anyway so we would be playing without three players so as situations go this maybe the best outcome giving everyone time to recuperate I would suggest if you want to do something none d&d based you could probably do that but altsa you may have an issue in that case Or the remaining three of use can talk about lore and try to develop a new world for another campain i have a world all set up from my campaign so we could talk about that As for my world tho i am not ready to dm in it nor can i seem to stop roll 20 from constently deleting all the stuff i make so i can try to dm but with my experience it could end badly On other grounds i do have a new race I've been developing that we could work together to balance out and to make usable for future campaigns in other setting as long as that dm allows
  7. Agreed aa much as playing thrall may suck (even taking into account his bad stats) i actually feel like jumping back into the roll of an idiot barbarian that has somehow not died yet
  8. Yes i can sit back and relax as the playful dumb ass called thrall Time to get back into character
  9. Have a very marry Christmas Down here in the east Christmas is over buuuut in the west the party continues
  10. And should we expect new players ?
  11. Also same time as usual or different?
  12. Cant wait
  13. Im fine with hiw this works
  14. Aqua often looks shit drunk his 5'6 and on good weeks actually looks as if they have cleaned themselves Aqua often walks a bit clumsily but is always seen with a pose of confidence Their hear is often dry from their time at the sea which is the second favorite place to go on the island (first being the pub) his eyes are a light silver with light brown hear a traits that can be seen in all his family he is clean shaven and is never seen with a hear on his face (besides eyebrows) He looks inviting to most people who are often drawn to him because of his welcoming attitude His face does often look tierd as he usually has dark undereyes from late night drinking His fighting looks like a combination of a drunk rat and a general or soldier often fooling people into thinking he is hopeless drunk When he is sober as seen by the 2 week trip we had in bloods campaign he takes a more authoritative stance he looks more lively and looks well dressed and clean His pose is more up straight revealing more of a healthier body then most people would think they have a slight tan and look more awake compared to when they are drunk and look more lively at this point their best features tend to show 10 fold from when they are drunk
  15. Was reading some of the old texts and i found blood wanted to describe the look of our charactets more well ok then Thrall is 6'6 with a type of confident pose to him he often doesn't really wear much clothing other then pants and shoes to anyone he often looks very intimidating with very short but wild un-kept hear His upper body is riddled with scars which at this point cover a somewhat faded red tattoo he is very fit and has reached the peek of his own bodily fitness His face at firsr glance may have one point looked as if it was quite handsome but the scars have all but distroyed that former beauty and replaced it with a gruff looking age his eyes don't really shine as most do but instead look more aged and dead However no matter what mood he is in he always looks as if he is holding a type of force within him at bay often when someone would insolt him or hit him he would look at them blankly but during combat he often lets this side out When he does he looks a lot different his confident pose is replaced with a somewhat animalistic pose his often emotionless face is terned into one of delight and his dead glazed eyes become bloodshot and are filled with a new form of determination He will often twitch or tick in this state and will delight in any death he causes