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  1. D&D Game Players wanted

    Hey i would actually like to have a vote I'm completely fine with not doing my campaign and just continuing bloods. I myself am injoying bloods campaign and honestly its reached a point (for me at least) that skipping a week would leave me gittish as some cool mysterys arnt being solved Im going out on a limb and saying the rest of you might feel that way hense why im asking for a vote. Vote one would you rather not play the curse of strahd Vote two do you want to play it Vote three do you want to play it but at another time Vote four do you want to play it but after bloods campign
  2. D&D Game Players wanted

    Any of ypu guys jumping on today?
  3. D&D Game Players wanted

    Marry Christmas
  4. D&D Game Players wanted Thats the hunger games simulator play it and edit the characters names to be our dnd characters Take a photo of the events and post them and lets see who wins
  5. D&D Game Players wanted

    Ok so we have our avalible times so lets put them in action Im available for a session on thursday (to bloods its wensday) at the usual 12:00 to 3:00 time frame So if anyone is avalible around then for a session please feel free to comment so we can get the ball rolling on this extra session Alternatively if theres another day that can suit everyone better than feel free to suggest it as i should be avalible at 12:00 to 3:00 est time any day
  6. D&D Game Players wanted

    Ok cool cant wait to see you then A friend of mine might be joining us during the next session i DMed for him a bit and he wants to get more involved with dnd He plans to play a session and decide wether to continue after that
  7. D&D Game Players wanted

    Hey guys im going to be joining later today so start without me 👍
  8. D&D Game Players wanted

    Hey everyone im going to be on this session but i might jump on a bit late due to a needle im going to need to get so see ya at the session whenever i jump on
  9. D&D Game Players wanted

    Ok then hope to see at least someone next week lol Hope you get well soon mysts
  10. D&D Game Players wanted

    Hey here is a great website for you DM's It has random encounter generators which will be based on the party size and level As well as one of the better dungeon generators i have seen which you can also place requirements on It also has a table that shows what CR monster and amount of said monster is perfect for taking on a group of any size you pick for Instance a group of 4 at level one is suggested to only fight one level 2 CR monster Its got tons of other cool helpful stuff as well so check it out
  11. D&D Game Players wanted

    Did i miss a blood campaign ohhhh i was looking forward to those rip So what happened as far as i can tell we now have a new warlock?
  12. D&D Game Players wanted

    Probably not gonna make it for the season this week so start without me im going to something at 1:40 pm If anyone stays back i might hop on to say hi Enjoy theos campaign (i think thats the campaign this week)
  13. D&D Game Players wanted

    Might be a bit late for this session guys
  14. D&D Game Players wanted

    If thats what everyone wants then sure but im sure me and bloods can get up to all kinds of trouble when your gone And ww need to get madame cloud an animal so we could just do that while your gone and then continue with the main campaign
  15. D&D Game Players wanted

    I for one would love to see that So bloods is still working on his so dec is the only option Im actually really fine with that i kind of want to see what happens next
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