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  1. BobaFettBFA

    Hatventures Server Update (1.13)

    Will this current world be available to download?
  2. BobaFettBFA

    Hatventures Server Update (1.13)

    If we start a new world, please make sure all biomes are present.
  3. BobaFettBFA

    Server Crash?

    around 12:30pm CST, server went down. HELP!
  4. BobaFettBFA


    I've only encountered 6 bosses in the 6 months of playing. That's not a good rate. I'd liked to see bosses as frequently as I used to see treasure goblins on the old server.
  5. BobaFettBFA

    Minecraft server down

    I expect many crates as compensation.
  6. BobaFettBFA

    Minecraft server down

    The server if offline. (Feb 13th) Do we know for how long?
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