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  1. BobaFettBFA

    Hatventures Server Update (1.13)

    Will this current world be available to download?
  2. BobaFettBFA

    Hatventures Server Update (1.13)

    If we start a new world, please make sure all biomes are present.
  3. BobaFettBFA

    Server Crash?

    around 12:30pm CST, server went down. HELP!
  4. BobaFettBFA


    I've only encountered 6 bosses in the 6 months of playing. That's not a good rate. I'd liked to see bosses as frequently as I used to see treasure goblins on the old server.
  5. BobaFettBFA

    Minecraft server down

    The server if offline. (Feb 13th) Do we know for how long?
  6. BobaFettBFA

    Minecraft server down

    I expect many crates as compensation.
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