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  1. vashts6583

    Hatventures Community Server History (Work in Progress)

    Hmmm I must've forgotten but was there not a Temp 4 server between Temp 3 and Debug? I think I remember building on that one, and it having lasted a while.... but that might've just been Kingdoms I was thinking of, at least going by the timing. Man these are bringing back some memories. Also to note, there were a few Server Tour videos done on the old Forsaken Lands map that showcased some of the really awesome builds folks had there.
  2. vashts6583

    I'm back, I think

    Awwww thanks y'all! It's been too long, and y'all're great folks and I've missed you <3 I can't say I'll be terribly active on the server, but I have an amusing house setup and will probably just leave that as is for now.
  3. vashts6583

    I'm back, I think

    Hey so, it's been a few years now, but I'm back again for a bit at least. I wonder who all is still around that might remember this poor soul
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