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  1. Keklily

    Night of T T and T

    Lets get a good long game of Trouble in Terrorist town going! Saturday Evening 1900 hours Central European Summer TIME on the 12th of May on the Hatventures Community TTT server. To play you need to do this 1. Bring Your Own Booze* 2. Have Teamspeak installed and setup 3. Have Garry's Mod installed and set up 4. Have Counter Strike Source installed because of a lot of Textures 5. Bring a Smile * (is optional)
  2. lets get a game on! 7PM CEDT Central Europe Dayligt savings Time)
  3. Keklily

    Q&A request

    the Kitty wanna know why no-one pets hir!
  4. Keklily


  5. Keklily

    Off the Hat Remarks

    MrPersifall: I go buy large quanties of meat in BUCKETS from the butcher!
  6. Keklily

    Is a hotdog a sandwich?

    Pizza can be considered a sandwich baked in the oven. so yah no issue from me
  7. what where you going to post on the forums?


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