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  1. MisterAntimony


  2. MisterAntimony

    Silence of the Hats

    Like others on here, I've actually been dead for quite some time. But if my research goes as planned, and those snooping villagers stop meddling with my work, this won't be an issue much longer!
  3. MisterAntimony

    Anyone here have an instagram?

    Kinda interested to see what yall are up to daily, feel free to add me, my username is MisterAntimony!
  4. MisterAntimony

    Nintendo Switch Revealed!

    I'm just excited for that mysterious Mario game that he was playing in the trailer
  5. MisterAntimony

    TF2 Shenanigans

    Anyone here interested in a little bit of Team Fortress? Meaning to get back into the game and it'll be three times as fun if we get a whole group together. If interested, my steam username is MisterAntimony, a lot of you are already my friend on there anyways, hit me up
  6. MisterAntimony

    Not Closing the Server

    I second that
  7. Following what Zuhpanda said, I'm starting to move on a bit and look to potential games to play together next. So I ask you guys, what would you want to see all of us play? Anything goes here, just wanna get a general idea of what people would be interested in. (ignorethisZeemomadeagoodlistofgamesintheforumpostbeforethis)
  8. MisterAntimony

    Closing the Server

    I have honestly run out of things to do on my plot, so I've been wasting time just building and building. Honestly I would love for all of us to potentially go to a modded server, not necessarily our own but one we all agree on, and sort of use that for further MC adventures. I've put more thought into it, and honestly as long as I have the opportunity to play with all of you guys, regardless of game, I am totally fine with the MC server shutting down. I think the best course of action would be to focus on a smaller, private server for all of the dedicated hatventures people. Less randoms, and more of a chance for us to just hang and build and socialize.
  9. MisterAntimony

    Vanilla Compatible Modpack

    Immediately downloading it. Thanks a billion!
  10. MisterAntimony

    Why do you have the skin you have?

    After reading and taking part of flingity-bling's post with the usernames, I got to thinking. Besides everybody's name, most are also particularly attached to the skin they've chosen. So I'm wondering, what makes the skin you've chosen special to you? Is it a reference to a game you love, a character you've made within the hatventures lore, or just a neat design that you've grown to love? For example, my skin was the default character skin of an old pack known as Isabella, and it was such a fantastic pack that i just had to rip it out of the files and make it my go-to character. So yeah, I'd love to hear the backstory to all of your skins on here!
  11. MisterAntimony

    Hatventures ᵘˢᵉʳᶰᵃᵐᵉ Origins

    The chemical symbol for Antimony happens to be Sb, which are also my initials. That's about as in-depth as that is haha
  12. MisterAntimony

    We can cook and bake.

    Cake, obviously, because it's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake ...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryog-cgp9_I
  13. MisterAntimony

    Starbound: Thoughts, Companion

    I think it's absolutely brilliant, I've spent 30 hours in the 1.0 version and i'm loving every second of it.
  14. MisterAntimony

    Fishing Idea

    That would be awesome! I would love an actual reason and emphasis to travel across the world and not just use that ditch filled with stagnant water that somehow has fish living in it
  15. MisterAntimony

    Soda Classes

    I drink those 1-liter sized Doctor Pepper's, which insures that it's JUST big enough to absolutely destroy anything and everything in a ten foot radius if you drop it. Which I have. In the middle of a classroom. During a science lab. Involving delicate equipment and lots of paper. (And yeah, diet soda has that strange sickly sweet aftertaste that I've never gotten used to haha)
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