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  1. MxSpoike

    Communal Modded, maybe?

    This has actually been on my mind lately. I'd even be good with going back the last version of Hatpack
  2. MxSpoike

    Hatventures Community Civilization V Tournament

    Steam Name: MrSpoike Hours: 46.4 Host: Hell no.
  3. MxSpoike

    Rust server closed testing

    Hey, I am a helpful and amazing member of this community; my Steam ID is 76561198069870932 !
  4. MxSpoike

    Hatventures Memes

    I am trash.
  5. MxSpoike

    Not Closing the Server

    I have to say I am very happy with this outcome. A few days ago I was dreading the news today would bring, but now I think there's a strong possibility to breath new life into this community. Thank for doing what you do, you wonderful staff. And thank you to this great community for existing.
  6. MxSpoike

    Fortunately, Unfortunately: THE RETURN

    Fortunately, the rot becomes sentient and helps by forming itself into a bridge.
  7. MxSpoike

    Closing the Server

    I really love this community and I love the server. I am sad about it possibly shutting down, and I know I haven't been frequent on it, but I wish there was some way to fix it. I know, for me, I don't go on as much, because there aren't a lot of other people on it either. Maybe that's everyone's problem, or maybe it's just the fact that the Sirs no longer have anything to do with us or Minecraft. Maybe it could be fixed with a lot more advertising; who knows? I do know though, that even if the server is turned off, I'll still be a member of the community, because I love you guys. I have so many good memories, and I'm sure there are more to be made.
  8. MxSpoike

    Do you remember?

    I'm not really good at writing long things on the fly, but I'll share my memories. My first day was back on the Kingdoms server in 1.2.4, in June 2012. I was working my way through the tutorial world and came across another person named Dangerbay. We proceeded to work through it together and eventually we built a house out in the desert next to Geoffville. We spent about a month living there and building it up until we both eventually got voted to White Hat status. I then updated my Minecraft and was not able to play on the server for a month. When I returned, Dangerbay invited me to join her in the town of Erebor, where we became next door neighbours. Together we built a train line to Monster Mart, a haunted house, among other things. More and more people joined Erebor, such as Emilykun, Pian0intardis, Zeemo, and many others. I had so many good memories building our little community with all of them. I also spent some time with the likes of xSweetsoulx and ninjaschooldropout with many good memories of them. Much time on and off the server passed and eventually the server reset and we started again. Danger and I still helped each other build and gather supplies and we began anew. Eventually Danger stopped signing but I stayed for awhile longer. I remained quiet mostly, but I still managed to make friends, even though I was terrified of TeamSpeak (now I'm on it constantly, thanks to IRL friend Christrumpet). Sadly I stayed away from the community for a long time, until I had some more Minecraft cravings last November. I went on the forums to check things out and lo and behold, the server was being shut down. Luckily for me, a new community server was being set up, and I joined as soon as I could. Add another year and here we are now. This is my favourite online community and it's the only one I've been a part of since I joined. Whilst I lament the possible shutdown of the server, I am happy knowing that the community will go on in some form; I'll still have my friends here. I said that I can't write long things very easily, but evidently I lied; I have a lot of feelings about this community and goddammit, I love you guys. Long live the Hatters. *Shift* Good Day! o/ P.S. I'm sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, as I have stated before, I am terrible with names. So I probably remember you, but not your name. Please feel free to jog my memory. <3
  9. MxSpoike

    Off the Hat Remarks

    "Mr. Meeseeks, dominate me." - Me
  10. MxSpoike

    Well hello again

    Welcome back oh Mistress of Melons! Glad to have you back.
  11. MxSpoike

    [Unofficial] Garry's Mod TTT Server

    I look forward to joining in for a game at some point. Thank you for this!
  12. So, I know there's a fairly big community for making Hat Films themed Worms maps, so I thought it would be good to have a place where we can all share our maps! This is my Hatventures in Skylands themed map! The map includes the mountain area with the Sirs' treehouse and waterfall cave, various smaller islands with trees, mines, and shelters, some swinging platforms to emulate the gravel runs, a dungeon with a few traps, and the bowl shaped island that started off Hatventures Origins! I hope you enjoy! Link: Hatventures in Skylands (Hat Films Land) Picture:
  13. MxSpoike

    Inspiration Thread

    My inspiration will forever be Jeff Smith, author of the Bone comics. http://www.boneville.com/wallpaper/ Met him a few times and he's super lovely.
  14. MxSpoike

    Inspiration Thread

    Wow, that is beautiful!
  15. MxSpoike

    Fortunately, Unfortunately: THE RETURN

    Fortunately, we're friends with the owner, so she let us in.
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