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  1. goat_s

    Crunchy or smooth

    I hate to disagree w Pep, because who doesn't lov a Pep but.... S M O O T H
  2. goat_s

    Fortunately, Unfortunately: THE RETURN

    Fortunately, our brains taste horrible, as does the entirety of our bodies... the dead are not interested in our supple flesh today.
  3. goat_s

    Communal Modded, maybe?

    My main input is, I want anyone that is assigned to take care of things with the minecraft server to be called "Server Slaves"
  4. goat_s

    Fortunately, Unfortunately: THE RETURN

    Fortunately, the forums are alive again, so everything else does not matter!! 😆
  5. goat_s

    Goats' RP Pirate Party

    Yarr! Ye scurvy dogs be wanting ta sail the seven seas, do ya? Ye be wanting all kinds o' riches, finding gold, singing songs, friendship...and murder of other crews! Har har har! Well then get yer sea legs ready to set sail with ol' Cap'n Goats, but yer to be making sure you are staying in character, because this be role playing pirates!! Of course only three sailors will be able to sail with Goats at a time, but I was planning to do two events kind of so people who are awake at different times have a chance to come in a play too! This is just to be a fun, short, impromptu role play event for us to have fun as pirates, so apologies if it is rough around the edges! I will be hosting/responsible for sending invites and starting both games with me in the party. If you want to have your own RP party also feel free to! If you don't have me on the xbox app please add me: faawngoats
  6. goat_s

    Hatventures Community Moving Into 2018

    As long as people are involved I'm in. I am pretty sure I still have that giant ice-boat racing track on my plot in creative and doing fun lil stuff like that is always fun. I hardly use TS but that's mostly my own fault, but definitely any games we can all play together and chat are my fave.
  7. goat_s

    SCP : Secret Laboratory

    This sounds awesome, I will probably be horrible at it but I am so down to play!!
  8. goat_s

    Concern for Shrewlad

    Sh-rude Dude
  9. goat_s

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    add me add me!!
  10. goat_s

    First Drone Video

    new profile pic for u nah but that is a pretty sick vid.
  11. goat_s

    Talk Halloween-ie to me.

    How dare you say such things about a picture of you that is in my "Top Three Pics of TheGrayK" count
  12. goat_s

    Talk Halloween-ie to me.

    I already do this.
  13. goat_s

    Talk Halloween-ie to me.

    Important question: what should I be for halloween I currently have no plans as I still don't know if I am going to be working or not. I also don't know if my bestie is ditching me. Do I attempt to revive the doll for round 3 but spooky it up? Do I cover myself in fake blood and call it a day? Do I get lazy/run out of time and wear a onesie? Do I get extra lazy, dress normally, and tell people I am dressed as "The Person you Wish you could Be" h e l p
  14. goat_s

    please take my charcoal/glass

  15. goat_s

    Talk Halloween-ie to me.

    That is awesome! haha