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  1. Hatventures Community Discord Server Discord is a free platform specifically designed for online gaming communities that is available both as a downloadable client and in a web browser. It has been brought up before as an option for use within the Hatventures community and previously dismissed, however we believe that both Discord and our community are at a place where we might find use and gain from the platform. Discord is NOT meant to replace either the Forums or Teamspeak. The Discord server has been set up in a way so that it has very little emphasis on voice communication, Teamspeak is currently superior for that, and doesn't have the ability to create thread about specific topics like one can on the Forums. What Discord does do very well is live text chat like you might find on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, however with multiple channels and moderation tools. It is our hope that hatters will use it for organising ourselves in an easier, real-time fashion. We will be launching the server as of time of this post and will run a trial period of 45 days ending on the 24th of June, if it gets a decent amount of use then we will keep it running, if not we will fold it down and continue with our previous setup with the Forums and Teamspeak. So what are you waiting for! Join in by clicking HERE.
  2. Mate I really hope the event is tonight, it looks sweet!
  3. Thanks to those who joined in on the fun last night - when we didn't have enough players for a proper game of HaS we went to the Hypixel Server (don't tell staff ) to play some mini games. I had loads of fun thanks chaps! Edit: who wants to form a professional bed wars team?
  4. You chaps ready for another HaS tournament? Slight rule changes to balance, so the 'round wins' winner isn't just the person who didn't get picked as the seeker. Entry fee for the chance to win the cash prize is still 10 quids. Saturday 8th April at 20:00 GMT - jump on the server to participate, jump on TS to articulate!
  5. Around the last Minecraft server reset we tried to decrease our bias towards Minecraft. The game is less popular within our own community and seemingly within gaming globally, it is nearly an 8 year old game at this point. A much better place to be if you are community focused and longing for that again would be our Teamspeak server. There are 30-40 people around on prime time playing a multitude of games and might also be a reason why people talk less in game on the Minecraft server because they're chatting on TS. I would highly recommend jumping on, hatters are friendly people! The last thing to mention is the reason it is still here now. The idea of closing it was toyed with but there was a clear response against that. There is sentiment, nostalgia and the secure knowledge that it's waiting there patiently to jump back onto that is the reason we are even able to keep it around. (Personal response, not staffs )
  6. Cheers guys, had a fantastic evening with a mix of try-harding and bouncy carefree-ness.
  7. Thanks guys for a fantastic evening and GG to Captain_Marbles for winning the 'Round Wins' section with 8/9 wins! The final scores are added up and shown here; (Format is #roundwins//#kills) Pener: 6//7 Marbles: 8//2 Yogi: 7//0 Bex: 5//1 Nikki: 6//5 Rob: 5//0 Fling: 6//9 Clari: 3//3 Lady: 3//2 Zeemo: 4//1 Kek; 2//1 Charliek: 3//2 Emily: 4//2 Tiangchou: 1//7 Demo: 1//4 Please let me know if there was anything that you loved or didn't like about the tournament or if you have any suggestions for the future. I am looking to hold another tournament in two weeks time on the 8th April at 20:00 GMT again. Thanks o/
  8. Just a reminder, the tournament will start in about 40 minutes at 20:00 GMT - see you chaps there o/
  9. Thanks chaps had a great time even though I am a really bad traitor... Look forward to next week, we can fit more than 10 people in that server next time!
  10. Trouble in Terrorist Town Night Location: Hatventures TTT Server Date and Time: Every Second Thursday 20:00 GMT The Hatventures Trouble in Terrorist Town server often experiences long periods of silence before exploding in activity every so often. A favourite of the community for a very long time, I think it could use some more regular Hatter lovin’. If you’ve never played TTT before, it’s played on Garry’s Mod, with some of the maps needing Counter Strike: Source and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Everyone is a terrorist, but there are traitors in their midst that aim to kill all the innocent and the innocent aim to remove the traitors. No one knows who is which but with the help of the detective maybe the innocent will survive. Or perhaps the traitors will be sneaky and convincing enough to take the rest of the players out. Thursday Night from 20:00 GMT I will be jumping on the TTT server and the TTT TS channel - recommended, microphone not required. I hope many of you will join me for some shenanigans and shrieking. Assuming all goes well, I’m looking to make this a weekly/fortnightly event, so even if you can’t make the first one you can jump right in next time. Please reply below if you’re interested, it would be really appreciated, and I’ll see you chaps on Thursday! o/ [Next TTT Night is on the 13th of April!]
  11. Overwatch Arcade Catch-Up Location: Overwatch Servers - Hatventures TS Date and Time: Every Tuesday 20:00 GMT I know there is a notable proportion of the Hatventures Community who own Overwatch and love playing together. I’ve found that playing with friends greatly increases my chances of winning (thanks for carrying me to platinum by the way chaps) but I sometimes find myself barely scratching enough arcade wins late Tuesday night in order to win the weekly loot box. To those who haven’t played Overwatch, it is a team based FPS in which you play as one of 24 heroes with unique attributes that work together to secure control points and/or escort payloads. It’s a pretty light and bouncy game that can be great casual fun or incredibly rewarding its competitive aspects. I don’t know if other people experience the same thing with the arcade loot boxes but this should be fun anyway – this Tuesday starting at 20:00 GMT will be the first Hatventures Overwatch Arcade Catch-Up event, repeating each Tuesday, TS is recommended, microphone not required. No longer will Hatters struggle to win their weekly loot box as help is on the way! In the event that a 7th person (or more) turns up then we will split into two groups, no Hatter left behind please. Please reply below if you’re interested and I look forward to seeing you there! o/
  12. Hide and Seek Tournament Location: Hatventures Minecraft Server Date and Time: Every Second Saturday, 20:00 GMT The new gamemode ‘Hide and Seek’ was released on the Minecraft server not that long ago and many of us had a fantastic time messing around and playing on launch night and the couple of evenings afterwards. If you’ve not played it before, the hiders are disguised as a normal block and they have to hide and blend in with the surroundings on one of our five maps One person, the seeker, has a big sword and has to find and take out the hiders. When a hider dies, they become one of the seekers and the task of hiding becomes tougher for those remaining. The round ends when either the seekers have killed all the hiders or the hiders have lasted until the timers runs down to zero. Unfortunately, a little like the Minecraft server itself, it’s popularity has dwindled. Hatters don’t want to log on to the server and play HaS because no one else is playing but no one else is playing because no one logs on to the server and plays HaS. So, let’s fix this problem by getting Hatters online at the same time. Meet up with me and hopefully many others (please) Saturday 20:00 GMT for a Hatventures Hide and Seek Tournament! TS will be lively, encouraged but not mandatory. The entry fee to the tournament is £10 in game and over the course of 60mins, we will play as many rounds of HaS as we can and the player with the most round wins and the player with the most kills as the seeker will win half of the cash prize pot respectively! Assuming all goes well, I’m looking to make this a weekly/fortnightly event as I feel many Hatters are stuck in the same loop as I described above and I personally miss playing Minecraft with you all. Please reply below if you’re interested, it would be really appreciated, and I can’t wait to see you there! o/ [Next tournament is on the 8th of April!]
  13. Wooo yay! \o/ thanks guys for the great launch yesterday evening, had a great time playing with so many people
  14. It's Penerbong and Flingbong havin' a sesh doping on some of the devils lettuce!
  15. I hope my children all grow up into big, strong Marbles' and join the Navy like their Father