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  1. Minecraft server down

    Apologies for the delay, looks like we're back up and running now!
  2. Minecraft server down

    We're very sorry for the downtime! We'll get the server back up as soon as Penerbang wakes up...
  3. SCP : Secret Laboratory

    Oh man am all about that free shit - I am free most evenings on weekdays although not tomorrow 31st.
  4. Suggestion: Llamas

    Pics or it didn't happen
  5. Good Day Hatters! Another year has passed and we're now well into 2018, people back at university/school/work and we as Staff want to be getting back into it and we want to be spending January working on the direction the community wants to be moving in over the next year. To do this, we need YOUR help! We have many ideas ourselves but feedback is important to us. What do you guys want to see in the community? What can we do to help facilitate this? What direction do you want the community to go? Think about how you use things like the forums, teamspeak, discord, any game servers including the Minecraft server and which do you like, which do you not use? What would encourage you to use it if you don't currently? Are there any games which have servers that we could look into hosting? Even if it seems far-fetched or weird or small - we want to hear from you. Thank-you, Hat Staff
  6. Come one come all, free games here!

    By the Emperor...
  7. Concern for Shrewlad

  8. Concern for Shrewlad

    r u ok m8
  9. First Drone Video

    I am extremely jealous - want to trade it with my broom pole and duct tape?
  10. First Drone Video

    That's amazing scenery woah! And your face at the end is brilliant What drone do you have?
  11. Hatventures Memes

  12. "What is time"

    Hang on, I thought only Plew or Snap possessed permits for that kind of thing.
  13. Fishing Jamboree Tournament/Challenge

    hahahahahahHAXhahah... haha... ha... hmm
  14. New Dawn, New Day, New Minecraft Server!

    [Server is now live]
  15. Q&A request

    Why does it burn when I pee?
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