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Found 1 result

  1. Zeemo

    Communal Modded, maybe?

    Hey there, it's me again, the only guy who suggests the same thing around this time every year, modded Minecraft. Somehow I haven't gotten tired of this yet. So what's this post about then? I personally still believe that modded Minecraft holds experiences still fresh to me, and many others. Hence I'm here yet again making this post in hopes of reviving the possibility of this community attaining a modded Minecraft server. If you want to play modded Minecraft so much, can't you just play it yourself? This holds true, however what initially lured me into this community was the appeal of multiplayer, and to be able to play multiplayer modded Minecraft amongst fellow Hatters is an experience that in my opinion, was too short-lived, and I will give as much as I can to enjoy it once again. But why modded Minecraft, and not just vanilla Minecraft? A vanilla server already exists, and the majority of Hatters, at least those that I know, are too tired of playing vanilla again, as it gets too boring too quickly. Modded Minecraft holds a virtually infinite list of possibilities and experiences that are so different from vanilla, it's as if you're playing a whole new game. There's something for every kind of Minecrafter to do, from magic, to exploration, to farming, to technology and to adventure. Oh and also building. So why hasn't there been a modded Minecraft server yet? The setup and maintenance of a modded server for Minecraft as compared to other games is much more tedious and demanding, in terms of time, effort and money. Hence there is a very low chance of it ever happening, if at all. If it's too much to handle, then why are you still suggesting such an idea? While there may be a lot of negatives, there are ways to circumvent at least some of them, the main reason of this post is to suggest ideas to make that maintenance and cost a bit less harmful. And so I'm actually suggesting some ideas this time, as opposed to just asking for a modded server every year. Ideas for player access Ideas for the server gameplay Ideas for the server outside of gameplay So there you have it, a long and exhaustive list of all the ideas I could think of. These are most definitely not all possible ideas or suggestions. I would love to hear, and encourage those who read this to please drop your opinion, no matter what it may be. I personally want to see what the community thinks about this, and whether it's an idea to be welcomed or not. (Considering that it's been rejected since community launch till now, probably not too welcomed but oh well) Thank you so very much for reading, I look forward to your replies.