What's your internet speed?

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So I'm just curious of what internet speeds everyone gets, and as far as I know there's not an internet speed topic on these new forums, so here ya go. Post your results from http://www.speedtest.net/ DO IT NOOOOOOW!!


Here's mine.


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Here be mine!




This took forever to get, as before I was on about 500kbp/s with the upload being even worse xD

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Idk much about internet speed stuffs but this is mine:

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Id say my speeds are the best AVG's a man could want, deffo if you live stream like me


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Who needs upgraded infrastructure with FTTP when you get results like this!!?!
(I understand that this result is actually not that bad, but it's also faster than 68% of Aus and that ain't right.)


Let's stick to copper, because change is scary and costly(no).

Am I mad?
Mad that we're investing money into an almost obsolete system?
Mad that we're one of very few countries who have even considered such a backwards plan?
Mad that the estimated cost and time-frame has now doubled?
Oh no, I'm not mad

Anyway, here's a dank meme to represent the internet speed we all deserve.




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I like this game:
I have a fiber optics connection which explains the symmetrical speed. I have considered going up in speed, but right now the price isn't right. 


Reading Pepelo's rant about totally not being mad, made me want to post more info. So here's a bit of insight into how my connection is established:


This might get a little technical but here we go:

I have what you call a FTTP connection, actually its a FTTH to be precise.
I have this box in my appartement:


The white wire going into it is actually fiber optics, and i the gray LAN cable runs to my desktop, it is CAT7 classed, which are the reasons i get such a low ping


I only subscribe to a 90/90 connection but the my company have a very relaxed relationship with the limiter firmware , which I'm more than fine with. The fiber optics run to an fiber-optics-access-house somewhere in my area where it connects to an gigabit port, which technically allows for up to 1 gigabit symmetrical connection. 


There is actually two fiber optic lines to my box, the other one carries the television signal which i pull out of the coaxial plug on the right, to get my old school flow-TV (i like old school TV, dont judge me). Yes i know the cable is a little strained and not LTE shielded, but it works, and I'm lazy. 


I had way to much fun explaining this... (Realized at the end that this is a bit of a humble brag, dont sue me) 


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Added info about set-up for the nerds
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Added info in my earlier post about my connection. This edit is brought to you by "its my day off and i have nothing better to do, than do what i do at work every day"

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