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Monthly Newsletter: April 2016

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Good Day Hatters!

I am happy to present our March monthly newsletter.

Every month, staff will release a newsletter containing all the information and updates on what is happening for the Hatventures Community.





We had a rather interesting month with quite a few changes happening. Near the beginning of this month we asked the community if they think we still need the littlehat rank in this post. The 'No' option won and we removed the littlehat rank, all littlehats became Hatters and now after the tutorial you become a Hatter. We feel as though this just makes it easier for new people joining to feel integrated without the need to try and get votes, we are pleased to announce no increase in griefing since it was removed.


We noticed that people had been saying that they missed the Interest Fish drop that used to happen every hour on the old server, we bashed our heads together and came up with 'Interesting Fish'. With this new plugin, every hour someone on Survival, Adventure or Skyblock with get an Interesting Fish. What makes this fish so interesting? It comes with a fact, as well as your username and when you received it.


We previously had an advertisement up on the Minecraft Forums but this month started our real push into advertising on server websites.  We want you guys to help us to move up on these server lists so we have added /vote to the server so you can have easy access to the websites from ingame. We felt as though it would be great to reward you for voting, so for every vote you give us you will receive an Uncommon crate as long as you are logged in and on either Adventure, Survival or Skyblock. There is more information here.


For a final point, it is good to remember that build applications are still open. The build team is currently working on a project and more members are always great, to check out the application click here.




The forums have not been too busy but there are still a few things to talk about. We added a new post to the 'Rules and Guidelines' section of the forums, 'Hatventures Community Staff: Who are they and what do they do?' This post is to help you understand what staff members do and who is more suited to dealing with any issues you may have. As always, if you have any questions about this thread please feel free to ask questions here.


There are two suggestion threads that have gone up this month from community members, Wiki and Shops. Feel free to go check them out and give your input on them.




Drum roll please, donations are open again! On the 7th of March we managed to sort out everything with Paypal and were able to get donations back online, there are a few new fun things on the buycraft store so please go check it out here (or click donations at the top of the page) or check out the thread with more information here.


We have been hugely successful with the donations and at the time of writing this we had 910% of our goal which is fantastic. Please note that at the current time we will not be expanding our services or upgrading the server as we want to make sure we have a stable income before spending chunks of the money you all have donated so kindly. We will most likely see how donations go over the coming months and then go from there.


There will be one expense this month that we did not count on, one of the important plugins that we use for the server is AsyncWorldEdit and it is no longer free to use. We will need to purchase this which will cost us 10.00 USD.




In this months community corner we will talk about Staff. We got two new staff members this month, Captain_Marbles  has joined the team as a Moderator and HiMyNameIsAJ has joined as a Developer. On a less happy note we had two staff members step down from their positions. Flingbing is not longer a Moderator, for more detailed information check out his post here. Pepelo has stepped down as an Admin but will still help us with website things, for more information check her post out here. We thank them for all the work that they put in while they were staff.


So overall, quite a busy month. We are super happy with the way that this server is going and we are glad that you are all here with us for the trip.


Thanks Hatters, Good day!

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