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Skyblock Issues

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Hello there. It's been discussed recently on the server that the Skyblock server we have has some issues with it.


Unlimited Soulsand/Challenge Issue

Currently, a skyblock is limited to 600 soul sand. That is simply not enough. A challenge that is currently implemented needs 1600 soul sand to be completed all 100 times, that challenge being Pioneer. This means that the only way you can complete it is by buying or trading for some soul sand off some fellow players. Considering that you may be using the soul sand for other things also, such as building a wither or farming some nether wart. Our proposed fix is a challenge that you can hand in a certain amount of nether wart for some soul sand. Simple right?



Also, a personal opinion of mine for a moment. It seems to me that the staff do not care very much about the issues that Skyblock is plagued with. They are simply blown off, and the players are told to make a forum post about it such as this one. 


I highly suggest that if you have any other issues with Skyblock to post them here so they can be discussed.


Please not that these are the opinions of gabtraf, so there may be some flaws in it from me posting it here. I'm simply posting it because I agree with his view on them.

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Another (more complicated) suggestion would be a progresion of nether based challenges so that all nether related items are renewable such as Quartz (preferably ore as this keeps the fortune enchantment relevent), obsidian and netherrack itself.


one way could be something along the lines of;

Challenge name: I need more souls

Description: Collect 64 Nether Warts

Icon: Soulsand

Item reward: 4 soulsand blocks

Limit: (none/renewable)


Challenge name: Insert Quartz Pun

Description: Collect 64 Soul sand

Icon: Quartz Ore

Item reward: 16 Quartz Ore

Limit: (none/renewable)


(There is currently a lot of netherrack on the cieling but it being renewable would be nice, especially for the challenge suggestion after this one)

Challenge name: Insert Rack Pun (unless too sexist)

Description: Collect 128 blaze powder

Icon: Netherrack

Item reward: 64 Netherrack

Limit: (none/renewable)


Challenge name: Obsidian jokes here pls

Description: Collect 64 Nether Brick

Icon: Obsidian

Item reward: 1 obsidian

Limit: (none/renewable)


Another thing, as it stands sheep are harder to obtain than villagers, sheep eggs should be added somewhere, maybe trade whitewool (froms string via mobfarm) for sheep egg?

Challenge name: Sheep joke here pls

Description: Collect 64 wool (white)

Icon: sheep egg

Item reward: Sheep egg

Limit: 100 (in line with other farm animals)

Difficulty: Competent


making other blocks obtainable through quests would be good too, such as the new guardian temple related blocks, and ways to get the 2tall flowers which dont spawn through bonemeal


Challenge name: Parent/guardian joke

Description: Collect 64 ink saks and 64 cobblestone

Icon: Prismarine shard

Item reward: 32 prismarine shards, 32 prismarine crystals 1 sponge

Limit: (none renewable)


Challenge name: something to do with tall flowers?

Description: Collect 1 grass block and 192 bonemeal

Icon: sunflower, Lilac, Rose Bush, Peony

Item reward: all 2 tall flowers

Limit: 20

Difficulty: expert


Currently packed ice is only obtainable through crates, we can farm ice if we convert biome so I suggest ice = packed ice

Challenge name: Ice Ice baby

Description: Collect 64 ice

Icon: Packed Ice

Item reward: 16 packed ice

Limit: (none/renewable)


This isnt a huge issue, but some of the quests that reward things like lapis, i feel should give ores instead. This allows us to build with them aesthetically if we chose, as well as giving more need for fortune enchantment on a pickaxe which is currently only needed for the quartz in the nether.


I need help with most challenge names, and some number may need tweaking.


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Given the age of the Skyblock server, it would be surprising if players *weren't* coming across potential issues. The soul sand issue is an obvious barrier. Gab's suggestions regarding a system for acquiring nether related items are sound. It would be nice to have more flowers, although you can trade with other players or conceivably change biomes to get access to those. I actually kind of like the fact that it's a pain in the rear to get sheep, but that's just me.



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10 hours ago, Tantalus said:

Also, a personal opinion of mine for a moment. It seems to me that the staff do not care very much about the issues that Skyblock is plagued with. They are simply blown off, and the players are told to make a forum post about it such as this one. 


I think this point is wrong for a number of reasons. We can see that clearly a forum post has been made and we have been given a guideline for things to add to skyblock to improve the experience and solve and issues. As of now we have already added some of the things featured on this post so to say we do not care is misinformed.

5 hours ago, Bex said:


  • Added new repeatable quests for soulsand, quartz, netherrack, obsidian, two tall flowers, prismarine shards/crystals and sponge.
  • Added sheep egg reward to 'Shepherd' challenge and packed ice reward to 'Do You Wanna Build A Snowman' challenge.


Forum post are the best way for us to see information and will continue to be the way in which we gather suggestions into the future, if you do not like using the forums then that is unfortunate but there needs to be some give from the players side, we cannot be expected to remember everything brought up in chat.

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Some further thoughts on my original suggestions. I wasn't expecting them to get implemented so quickly and did say some numbers may need tweaking a little :)

32 prismarine crystals is probably too many, should be lowered to maybe 5 or 10. I did not realise those where only used for the lanterns, whereas the 3 block types (prismarine block/brick and dark prismarine) only require the prismarine shards. This I am sure will result in many crystals being left over in peoples chests. Also, increase the prismarine shards reward to 64 to further add balance to the ratio needed. The Prismarine blocks should also be added to the level calculation, possibly a value of 2 each (50 blocks per island level)

Currently its 8 stacks of nether warts for 16 quartz ore working up through those challenges, perhaps 4 soulsand for a stack of netherwarts is a bit low? Increase to 8 perhaps? I'm not sure. I could learn to live with that one if it isnt changed though.


My goal originally was to suggest ways to make everything renewable(except diamond) but it seems I forgot about end stone which is useful now for its immovable qualities and will become more useful in 1.9 when it gets brick/slab variants

Challenge name: End stone

Description: Collect 16 enderpearls and 64 cobblestone

Icon: End Stone

Item reward: 16 End Stone

Limit: (none/renewable)


(suggested by altsa) currently redstone is technically renewable from witch drops, but it is a royal pain in the ass to get. Also slime balls and slime blocks become a thing we have way too many of and no use for. So perhaps a challenge where slimeblocks = redstone ore

Challenge name: Ore you gonna something something, redstone jokes pls

Description: Collect 64 slime blocks

Icon: Redstone ore

Item reward: 8 redstone ore

Limit: (none/renewable)


And on that note I still feel the 8 lapis reward from "Into The Blue" should be changed 1 one lapis ore. this adds more relevence to the fortune enchantment, and means as you progress to getting fortune, you get more out of it, adding to the challenge curve. Also, make the exp reward for challenges that gives ores lower as the ores themselves give exp.


One last suggestion (also from altsa) 3 peices of diamond armour where removed from villager trades so now we can only get chestplates. A challenge to get full diamond armour should be available. This should not have a limit, but be in the Insane catagory and only available very late game.

Challenge name: Diamond armour jokes

Description: Collect 16 Emerald Blocks and full iron armour set

Icon: Diamond chest plate.

Item reward: Full diamond armour set

Limit: (none/renewable)

Difficulty: Insane


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