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Monthly Newsletter: May 2016

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Good Day Hatters!

I am happy to present our April monthly newsletter.

Every month, staff will release a newsletter containing all the information and updates on what is happening for the Hatventures Community.





After such a busy month last month, this month has been much quieter. The staff team are currently working on getting the final touches on 1.9, please be aware that there will be changes which will be outlined further at the release on 1.9. The release of 1.9 has been difficult as many of the plugins that we have are custom made so getting these updated has been challenging and continues to be a challenge. Again, this will be expanded on closer to release of the server.


After some suggestions from the community Skyblock has had a few changes that you can read about in the changelog here.





Again this month we managed to smash our monthly goal! It is great to see that you are all supporting us in creating this wonderful community, we could not do it without you and we are so happy that you all help out with whatever you can. We are not currently looking at expanding our spending because we need to make sure that we are comfortably hitting the goal that we require, if we were to upgrade the server it would be double the cost for one step up. This is quite a big step up and we would need to make sure that we can sustain that cost before we even think of upgrading, after a few more months of smashing the target we can look into options then, but for the time being we will be sticking with the current outgoings that we have.




This month has been a bit more interesting in regards to community content as several people have been showing off their skills. Here are some of the month's notable mentions:


Still Animation Using Staff Skins
Skyla (pkluver944) has created artwork using the staff skins and a program called mine-imator. It looks wonderful and is really great for stroking my ego, the thread has inspired others to give the program a go such as the person in our next mention. This thread is worth a visit and you can do so here!

Tant Makes Things

Tantalus has put together a nice little thread where community members can request a piece of mine-imator art from him. He's doing a great job so go and request away. Check the thread out yourself here!

Bailey Does Art!
Bailey has started a thread where he is showing off some of his great artwork. He is doing really well and it sure is a great thing to go and check out, hopefully he will update it with more in the future! Feel free to go and check the thread out here!


On a bit more of a sad note we had Moderator LucidFlight step down due to time constraints, you will probably still see him about the server though so don't forget to say hi.


It has been a rather quiet month on the surface but we are working hard to get the server ready for 1.9. Hopefully it will not be too long, but we will not put a date on it yet as we still have things that need to be sorted before we test them all. We thank you for your patience and look forward to what this month brings.


Thanks Hatters, Good day!

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Aww yiss, mentioned once again.


Great newsletter as always.



edit: also you messed up Pk's name, its Pkluver not Pklover

Edited by Tantalus

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