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Up until now you have been neglected (because I hate you). However, now it is time for you to receive some love. Some of you may have noticed the changes to /vote on adventure and survival. If you haven't, stop slacking and go look!


Over the next few days I will be making the changes so that you too can have the cool /vote features!

Before the change, I would like for you to suggest some items you'd like to see in the vote shop. These items can be in the form of crates, money, spawn eggs, grass blocks, enchanted books, getting banned by Penerbang, etc. The possibilities are almost endless! However, I don't want to add useless things you don't care about. So, please leave your suggestions below and they might get added to the shop!


Thanks in advance!


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You know my thoughts on elytra, we should have it in skyblock! xD

Money isn't super needed in skyblock, we get enough through other means to support our spending.

Crates would be good just because. (might give people a taster and then they purchase? I dunno, no experience in marketing)

Grass blocks are on /is ms so not needed in voteshop.


I can't really say for enchanted books. I have so many myself, plus villagers that sell the useful ones as breeding villagers is a must for skyblockers, trading for books comes along with that.


As for spawn eggs. Shulker (just for funtimes) and guardian (useful for squidfarms) coming prenamed would be good to stop despawns without needing your own nametag. I'll let you think up your own funny names :)

Both me and altsa agree that it's a no for villager spawn eggs. We should have to get atleast 1 villager the old fashioned way.


Possibly include horse eggs. We can get horses spawn naturally, but it can be a pain.

Adding mobheads might be good for both survival and skyblock. However I have suggested a challenge in a post that would require mobheads. And we shouldn't be able to buy our way to completing a challenge in that way) so I'll let you mull that stuff over. If you dont plan on doing my suggested challenge, then include dragonheads as well as the 3 mobheads please :) (p.s. mobheads could be good for survival also) (EDIT: when i say mobheads i mean not wither skull as thats needed for challenge, i mean skeleton, zombie and creeper, the ones you get through charged creeper stuffs)

In short, please add;

Elytra, crates, Shulker egg, Guardian egg, All 3 mobheads + dragonhead pending 1.9 challenge I have suggested.


Here is a link to my suggested challenges if you are too lazy to navigate.


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So why isn't voting working at the moment on Skyblock?


Also though not essential it would be nice to get a name tag every so often too

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You are able to get those via trading with villagers, it's the last trade librarians (white robes) offer.

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