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Monthly Newsletter: June 2016

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Good Day Hatters!

I am happy to present our May monthly newsletter.

Every month, staff will release a newsletter containing all the information and updates on what is happening for the Hatventures Community.





We succeed to finally update the server to 1.9 this month. This brought quite a few changes both in the survival and adventure world, mostly plugin wise.


The new fish plugin, coded by our dev danjono, is very similar to the one we had on 1.8. On the new plugin, species of fish can only be in a certain range of weight, which prevents from having a clown fish of over 10kg, for example. Obviously the fish levels have been reset back to 0. The 10 best fishers are showed on /fish top. Those are the main differences with the old fish plugin and dan's.


Just like the fish plugin, we could not update the quest plugin to 1.9. We therefore had to change for a new plugin. All the data has been converted, so you should not have lost any progression at all. If you have lost progression please contact a member of staff. The interface was also adjusted to what we are used to, so the transition is barely visible.


Lands was an other plugin that could not be updated, so we got ourselves Landlords. Landlords allows you to protect your land for a bit of cash, just like Lands. However, Landlords does not have any upgrades to offer, it really is just for protection against griefing.


As the old 1.8 lands are now gone, we are giving back to you the money you invested in your lands so that you can protect your soil once again. So far, everyone who were the only 'member' on their land have been reimbursed automatically. For those who were multiple players on their land; you should have received a message telling you how much money your land was worth and to contact an admin. All you need to do is to tell how much he owes to every members of the land and he will reimburse accordingly. (e.g.: The land was worth 10000q. X bought for 5000q of land/upgrades, Y for 3000q, and Z for 2000q. An admin will reimburse everyone what they paid for).


As we updated to 1.9, we also generated a new Nether in the survival world, as we do every once in a while so that you guys can enjoy all the quartz and the glowstone.


Instead of directly receiving crates, you now gain 'vote tokens' when voting. You then can buy quite a few things with them! Common, uncommon, rare crates and even Elytras! You can access the shop with /vote.


The shops at spawn now save your items and blocks when your rent is over and they will restore everything upon a new rental. This way there will be no need to worry about losing your items.





Once again we achieved our monthly donation goal rather quickly. We reached way over 300% of it. It is amazing! As stated in the previous newsletter, we are still not looking to upgrade our current machine.



This month has been quite a busy one mainly for the admins and devs. We hope that you enjoy the changes that 1.9 brought to us.


It is all for this newsletter this month. Till next month!


All hail the Melon King!

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On 27/5/2016 at 17:34, xplio said:

All hail the Melon King!




Also good job to everyone who donated! This will allow everyone to enjoy our special little hell for even longer <3

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