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Server Updates!

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Good day hatters!


Just a quick update about changes to the Minecraft server since release.


Release seemed to go well apart from some issues with the server crashing and rollbacks...  This has now been resolved and the server has been stable since \o/


Other changes include minor fixes to plugins (/fish top etc.).  We are aware of the issue regarding saplings, this has been passed on to the Dev of the terrain plugin who has said they will look into it.


The biggest change (as of now) is the introduction of McMMO (As voted for).  For those of you that don't know McMMO allows you to level up a range of skills.  Skill areas range from smelting and woodcutting to combat and fishing.  As you level up you gain access to passive and active skills.  These could be more damage from weapons or higher chance of catching fish.  Active skills include a variant of TreeCapitator, going beserk while punching and smashing stone bricks into cracked stone bricks.  More info about the skills and the plugin can be found here





And that concludes the current updates, if you notice any issues that arise please submit a support ticket.


If you have any ideas for future updates or changes we would love to hear them, just make a post in the minecraft section.

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