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The Photoshop Thread

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Have you ever been in a situation where something has come up where the only proper response is to photoshop things together? Perhaps you've made a funny connection between words and wanted to see what would happen if you were to combine the two things.


Well this is the place for you! In The Photoshop Thread, we routinely take arbitrary things and staple them together in Photoshop on a whim. (Well, Paint.Net, because we're cheapasses, but you get the point)


Want to join The Photoshop Thread, not a problem, just get stapling things together. Everyone is welcome to show off their skills/creations/insanity.


To start us off though, we've got a delicious morsel, dreamed up with inspiration from one of our very gracious admins, I give you...







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This is me as the last human:





And this is Fling playing with his Minecraft Lego:



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It's Penerbong and Flingbong havin' a sesh doping on some of the devils lettuce!



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