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The Recycler, a truly marvellous piece of machinery. Or, is it?

The Recycler is an uncraftable machine found in most monuments (not in Sphere Tank, AKA Dome) and is used to break down items into their raw constituents. Quite handy, don't you think? Well, in it's current state it may seem too handy.



Based on information from the Rust Wiki, here is a short list of some items and what they give when recycled:

1. Metal Pipe = 2 High Quality Metal

2. Sheet Metal = 3 High Quality Metal, 100 Metal Fragments

3. Tarp = 50 Cloth

4. Targeting Computer = 3 Tech Trash, 1 High Quality Metal, 50 Metal Fragments

5. Empty Propane Tank = 50 Metal Fragments

6. Semi Automatic Body = 5 High Quality Metal, 75 Metal Fragments



As you can see, you can get quite a decent amount of High Quality Metal and other resources from recycling items found easy enough in barrels or crates. This goes on to say that you will always get this amount of materials from the items you break down, regardless of how many you have, how full the recycler is etc.

The Recycler when combined with the constant amount of items you get from the absolute ton of barrels and crates littered around the map can get you a lot of resources without having to mine a single rock or make a single quarry.

In it's current state it gives a set number of certain materials when you break down certain items, keep in mind that this isn't 100% efficient. Meaning that if I were to make a piece of clothing and then recycle it, I wouldn't get all the cloth I used to make it back. However, what it already gives is sorta insane.

In addition to this, the GUI of the Recycler it says you need fuel in the form of Wood, but it has infinite fuel as it is right now.

What I'm meaning to say is that the Recycler in it's current state proves to be a very powerful tool to those who may utilise it and makes it very easy to get good weaponry and a decent amount of resources without having the need to mine ore nodes or set up quarries.

As of right now, in this current Rust version, the Recycler is implemented as a feature. Meaning that what materials you get from recycling an item has been set by the devs, how much of each material you get from recycling an item has been set by the devs, and the chances of getting each material from recycling an item has also been set by the devs.



1. The Recycler as a whole should be disabled, since it massively reduces the amount of time it takes to progress up to late game from mid or early and quite literally eliminates a lot of the difficulties a player would face to reach late game and tackle all the challenges they come across

2. Reduce the amount of Recyclers on the map, although I think this may be impossible (may be possible with a plugin)

3. Add a large amount of fuel in relation to the Recycler's operation time (plugin)

4. Change what all is possible to obtain from recycling certain items (plugin)


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, as this is a new thing I came across when I played and apparently not many people know about it.

(also wow such fancy post editing, gotta make it look prim and proper as if it were an article)

Thanks for reading.

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I'd tell you not to fiddle with such things Zeemo but I figure that's why we have this forums to voice improvements to the game. There are a lot of things in need of improvement in Rust but you don't go about suggesting changing/disabling them. I'd say, let the game be unaltered vanilla form and let people ravage and savage all they merry want.


In relation to the suggestion to the Recyler, Rust has undergone a huge revamp of it's crafting system which key feature relies on bits and bobs, pipes and springs. The Recyler fills an important role in-game for us to be able to get materials back from said items or re-purpose them for something new.



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