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I was playing on the server last night and made a new friend, who had a buddy who was offline. He said I could build near him, so I did! The next day (today) I got on and his house was expanded, along with mean messages on signs surrounding mine like "MOVE YOU DOUCHE" and "MOVE"! He never asked me nicely to move, he just acted rude! Then I was finishing my house, when Pishtol (my friend's buddy) planted saplings all around my 16 by 16 plot! Me and my friend, and witness CoolCrafter21, saw the saplings and broke most of them before he could bone meal them! But it was too late! He bonemealed about 3 trees, and they ruined my house! He was then rude for a few hours accusing me of stealing (Which I honestly didn't)! He keeps saying I will get banned for "Building too close" but I really didn't mean any harm! Please talk to, or ban Pishtol from this server, for the sake of the Community and I! Thank you, dannyboy88888888.

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