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Hatventures Community Discord Server

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Hatventures Community Discord Server

Discord is a free platform specifically designed for online gaming communities that is available both as a downloadable client and in a web browser. It has been brought up before as an option for use within the Hatventures community and previously dismissed, however we believe that both Discord and our community are at a place where we might find use and gain from the platform.

Discord is NOT meant to replace either the Forums or Teamspeak. The Discord server has been set up in a way so that it has very little emphasis on voice communication, Teamspeak is currently superior for that, and doesn't have the ability to create thread about specific topics like one can on the Forums. What Discord does do very well is live text chat like you might find on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, however with multiple channels and moderation tools. It is our hope that hatters will use it for organising ourselves in an easier, real-time fashion.

We will be launching the server as of time of this post and will run a trial period of 45 days ending on the 24th of June, if it gets a decent amount of use then we will keep it running, if not we will fold it down and continue with our previous setup with the Forums and Teamspeak.

So what are you waiting for! Join in by clicking HERE.

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