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New Dawn, New Day, New Minecraft Server!

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Hello Hatters!


The current Minecraft Server has been up for around 8 months and is in need of a reset. Many players have become burnt out and so we’ve decided to freshen things up a little for the next iteration. Many things that Hatters love are staying and feedback from the current server has been taken into account.



What’s changing?

- Questing is back but in a different, very nostalgic way. Complete weekly quests to earn cold hard cash and a sense of completion that real life can never give you!
- The old custom terrain generation is gone and has been replaced with good old vanilla. No more mega trees to spend ages cutting down, no more confusion as to what spawns where. Back to basics.
- Spawn has had quite the facelift, with new areas for you to explore a touch with your grubby paws...
- Mob Bosses are back by popular demand! Battle these juggernauts at your peril, they are far tougher, but the rewards for success are far greater too.
- It ain’t pretty, but someone’s got to do it. Voting commands are back in action, if you would like to support the server you can vote for it online and we’ll give you a little reward to say thanks.


What’s staying the same?

- danjono’s Magical Fishing Plugin is back, and the Fishmonger has a new sweet pad so you might have to do some searching to find him.
- The basics are still in place, create your own chest shops, protect your house with the land protection plugin and launch yourself a 90 kg projectile over 300 metres with the help of the trusty trebuchet.
- The Hide and Seek Minigame will be returning and the Creative server will be persisting from the current server to the new one. Hatter creations and all. The reason being is that there remains plenty of space still and it’d just be a waste to be rid of it.


When is the server reset coming?

We always want to give you notice of a reset so Hatter have time to complete their funeral rituals for bases, doggies etc… The new server will be launching on the 18th of August, so be sure to jump online then for the inevitable launch party!


What about my super cool base on the current server? Will there be a world download?

As per usual, there will be a world download of the current server that we will make available in the future.




Big thanks to those who continue to play on the Minecraft server, especially those who’ve been logging on almost everyday recently and we apologise for the necessary evil of a server reset.

We are pretty excited about the new server and we look forward to seeing new and old faces alike.




- Hatventures Staff

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Ripperoni, guess this means I can live fast die young with all my gear now. It'll be good to be about for the beginning of a new server though :)

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5 hours ago, Mhardman said:

Question! Will the chest shops still only be sell only or will we be able to set up buying chests too again?

Currently yes, so you can set up your shops like usual :)

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1 hour ago, Mhardman said:

Also, what time will the new server be available tomorrow?

We can't say for sure, #blamedanjono, but it'll be up at evening BST tomorrow!

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