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Hatventures Staff Restructure

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Good Day Hatters!

Moving forward within the next month or so there will be a shift in the way that Staff manage and steer the community. We have some ideas we’ll be looking to implement and more detailed information will be available later when we ourselves know but for now here’s a quick update to keep you guys in the know.


With Pepelo’s return to an Admin role and our reduced activity within Minecraft (don’t worry, the server isn’t going anywhere anytime soon), we will be removing the Developer role as it is no longer needed.


With the removal of one Staff role, we’ll be introducing another; [Coordinator]. This will be a role within Staff which holds no special permission in TeamSpeak, on the Forums, the Minecraft Server, Discord or anywhere else. Those in this position, however, will have access to view and participate in Staff discussions related to all these areas, which will bring fresh ideas on board and increase mobility within the community. Currently this is the extent of the new role. We will be taking on a few ‘Guinea Pigs’ to test things out, but at some point in the future we are looking to open up applications to be taken on as needed.


Lastly, we will be phasing out the Supporter Rank as visible on the Minecraft Server and TS by a light blue name or hat icon respectively. Currently those who hold this rank donate monthly for the upkeep of the community and we cannot thank you enough for your commitment and support over the past couple of years as without you we would not be running today. Currently, the community is no longer in need of any additional funding and shouldn’t be for a while yet, but due to the nature of the buycraft system with PayPal, the supporter payments must be cancelled by the supporters themselves, we cannot cancel this at our end.


We in Staff are greatly looking forward to and confident moving forward into the future. We would like to thank you guys again for all the support and as always, feedback and discussion is always greatly appreciated.


- Hatventures Staff

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