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Good day Hatters!


Introducing the new role within Hatventures Community Staff;




The new role will be a lower floor for getting involved in how the community is run behind the scenes. They hold no powers of their own but have access to and can participate in Staff discussions and help run events in the community.


Coordinators will run their own events or assist other members of staff each month to make it easier for Hatters to play together. We will be putting the forum calendar up on the homepage and all official events will be posted up there. Of course we welcome and encourage anyone to put up their own unofficial events also.


What is an event? Anything from a gaming session posted with prior notice on the forum and calendar up to a community-wide invite to your great-aunt's 120th birthday is what we’re defining here as an event.


Coordinators will be expected to host or co-host a minimum of 1 event per month. Through this, we hope to see more community involvement and eventual growth. To start off with we will be taking on three test dummies to get the ball rolling. If you are interested in taking on this role then please fill out the form below:


[Click here to apply]


We will not be immediately replying to any applications but instead leaving them dormant until the need for additional Coordinators comes up and then approaching Hatters.


We look forward to seeing this new change play out! Many thanks, Hatventures Community Staff

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