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Monthly Prize Pool Winners!

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Good day Hatters!


As many of you know with the new event system we are running in the Hatventures Community, attendance of Hatters to any Official Event will have their name placed into a prize pool, in which at the end of each month three winners will each win a steam gift card. (Blame P̶e̶n̶e̶r̶b̶a̶n̶g̶ steam for the unusual denominations)

1st - £14

2nd - £10

3rd - £4


Regardless of how many events one takes part in, their name will only be entered once. We encourage the planning of unofficial events on the calendar but we will not be adding attendees to the prize pool at this time.


Winners each month will be announced on this thread and in Discord so keep your eyes peeled and we can't wait to play more games together in this fabulous community!

- The Hatventures Community Staff

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Winners for the month of April 2018 are...


1st - Bobsquddle

2nd - Capgun

3rd - Blaineinabowtie


Congratulations to our very first winners!

This month we ran events in Planetside 2, Overwatch, Minecraft and Quiplash and Fibbage!

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