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Inquiry about the Teamspeak 3.2.0 Update

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So teamspeak updated today and it now no longer supports servers running versions older than 3.1.0, which the hatventures community TS is doing. (I don't know what version it is running, just that it's older than that one)

That said, I now have a few questions. 1) Will the server be updates? 2) If so, how soon? 3) If not, or not before August 17th, does anyone know of or have a place they trust that I can get an older version from? (Because older versions are no longer available on the official site, and I don't really know a trusted site for older versions of programs. Usually I have an older file version but for some reason I don't have it this time.)

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Hey @BloodMists!


We have just updated the Teamspeak server to the latest version! So you won't have to find an older version of teamspeak to download, you can connect with the new client with the same credentials as before.




- Pep

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